BOSON Creativity Kit
BOSON Creativity Kit
BOSON Creativity Kit
BOSON Creativity Kit

BOSON Creativity Kit


BOSON Creativity Kit

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BOSON Creativity Kit


This Boson Creativity Kit is an inspiring tutorial suitable for students in early primary and secondary schools to learn how to make projects. Plug-and-play and no PC required, students can easily turn their various ideas into reality. The kit comes with 17 interesting lessons that allow students to build their projects quickly with square and corrugated boxes. There are square boxs in corrugated structure specially designed for BOSON to help you easily make projects


  • Combine with Cubee cardboard sheets to quickly build up fun projects.
  • Plug and play without a computer.
  • Learn together with 17 hands-on projects.
  • A set of various sensors including temperature, light, motion, humidity, sound, etc.


    Curriculum or Lesson Topics:

    Project Project Description
    Project 1:Crowing Rooster A light sensor will be used to senses how strong the light is, just like a rooster's eyes. Also we need a buzzer so the rooster will be able to make sound. When light goes strong, the rooster starts to crow.
    Project 2: Fiery Piglet To make a fiery piglet, we just need to use the touch sensor to simulate the piglet's ears and use the buzzer to simulate its grunts. It works in this way: when we touch the pig's ear, the piglet starts to grunt; when we let go of it, the piglet stops grunting.
    Project 3: Temperature-controlled Fan This project can be done using the temperature sensor and fan module in the Boson Kit. When the temperature reaches a specific value, the fan will automatically be on or off. Thus, we don't have to worry that whether the fan is on or off for our pet when we go out.
    Project 4: Rain Alarm Use Boson Kit to make a rain alarm: when the rain falls on the open balcony, the rain alarm installed inside the room will give an alarm. Hearing that, we can know it is raining outside and we can take the clothes inside timely.
    Project 5: Induce-glow igloo In this project, we use Boson Kit to make an igloo model, and then use a PIR motion sensor and LED module to make an auto-induction lamp. When someone passes by, the igloo will glow as if it is greeting the Inuit returning from hunting.
    Project 6: Intelligent Fireproof Cabin The fireproof cabin is now installed in many public areas to prevent fires. This project focuses on making a fireproof cabin using the flame sensor in the Boson Kit. For instance, if we install a fireproof cabin in the kitchen, it will give an alarm when a small flame is produced, so that we can put out it in time to protect the safety of families and property.
    Project 7: Sound-light Lamp In this project, we will make a birthday cake with Boson Kit, when our families sings a birthday song or let the music play, the sound sensor will sense the sound and then trigger the "candle" to be lit; when the music stops, the "candle" automatically goes out. The candle can be replaced with a LED module.
    Project 8: Gift boxes Boson Kit contains rich modules related to sound and light, so we can use these modules to make a surprise gift box. For example, when we open the box, the LED lights up and the buzzer also buzzes.
    Project 9: Security Booth Lately, it is reported that the collection highlight of a museum was stolen because of poor anti-theft system. How can we help with that? Here we can use the button module and buzzer in the Boson Kit to design an intelligent security booth. When the items on the booth are picked up, the booth will automatically give an alarm to remind the guards so that they can arrive as soon as possible, which greatly protects the collections from stealing.
    Project 10: Smart Streetlight In this project, we will use the sound sensor, ambient light sensor, and logic "AND" and "NOT" modules in Boson Kit to make a smart streetlight, which lights up when it is dark and there are "human footsteps" beside it.
    Project 11: Retro Candlestick This project aims to make a retro candlestick. For a "safe" retro candlestick, we can replace the real flame with light, and the "flame" is the LED module. Boson Kit includes a light sensor, so we can use a flashlight to light up "LED" to simulate match-lighting effect.
    Project 12: Friend Machine This friend machine aims to help Micko find a like-minded friend. First, Micko will list some condition options (4 buttons) according to his hobbies and characteristics, and there is a certain logical relationship between these conditions. If the two buttons that the other party pressed make the LED light on, it means that they have the same hobbies and will be friends .
    Project 13: Jack-o-lantern for Halloween On Halloween, the Jack-o-lantern can't be extinguished after being lit, so how can we blow out it like blowing a candle? Well, we can use the method of making a retro candlestick to make a Jack-o-lantern, and add a sound sensor to the project. When blowing the sound sensor, the LED goes out, then we can simulate the process of blowing out candles.
    Project 14: Password Lock How can we secure the property at home? Well, we can use Boson Kit to make a password lock. To this end, we use three buttons to represent three numbers, and we can unlock the lock only by pressing the three numbers in the correct order.
    Project 15: Responder In the quiz game of a TV show, the contestants usually use a responder. The function looks complicated but is actually very simple. We can realize it by using the logic "NOT" and "AND" modules in the Boson Kit to send the button status to the other end.
    Project 16: Turn Signal of the Bicycle When driving a car, we will flash the turn signal for every turn to indicate the turning direction and reduce danger. So how much nicer it would be if we have a turn signal when riding a bike? Actually, we can use the LED module in Boson Kit to do it. When turning left, we light up the left LED; when turning right, light up the right one.
    Project 17:Mechanical Design of Goldberg This project aims to make a Goldberg mechanism using the ambient light sensor and fan module from the Boson Kit.


    What's Included:

    • (1) Boson:3xAAA Battery Holder
    • (1) Rotation Sensor
    • (2) Blue Push Button
    • (2) Red Push Button
    • (2) Yellow Push Button
    • (1) Light Sensor
    • (1) Steam Sensor
    • (1) Flame Sensor
    • (1) Red LED Module (BOS00
    • (1) Blue LED Module
    • (1) Touch Sensor
    • (1) Temperature Sensor
    • (1) Motion Sensor
    • (1) Sound Sensor
    • (1) Green LED Module 
    • (1) Buzzer Module
    • (1) Fan Module
    • (3) Logic Module - AND
    • (3) Logic Module - OR
    • (3) Logic Module - NOT
    • (3) Splitter Module
    • (2) Threshold Module
    • (1) Boson:Mainboard-3IO
    • (2) Duration Module
    • (17) Project Cards

    Additional Information and Resources: 

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