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PicoSolutions Robotics & Electronics Classroom Makerspace

PicoSolutions SKU: PIC-PO-3020-C

PicoSolutions Robotics & Electronics Classroom Makerspace

PicoSolutions SKU: PIC-PO-3020-C
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PicoSolutions Robotics & Electronics Classroom Makerspace

  • Grades: 5-12
  • Hours of Curriculum: 25+
  • Additional Resources: Lesson Plans



The Robotics & Electronics course is designed to support students as they create a prosthetic device for the arm or hand. Students will learn how robotics & bionics in particular is changing the world of prosthetics. To gain an understanding of how to do this, students will build a prosthetic hand. In the Classroom and Complete Makerspace versions of the bundle, students will learn about the anatomy and physiology of the human hand and will then learn about coding and 3D printing using TinkerCad Circuits and TinkerCAD or similar programs to allow students to create designed prosthetic devices. Through this course, students gain a better understanding of how engineering and design support human needs, helping people around the world.

Makerspace Includes:

  • 6X Robotic Hand Kits
  • 25X PicoBots
  • 8X Bristlebots
  • 5X Credits towards Virtual Teacher Mentor Hours
  • 1X 3D Creality Printer
  • 1x Free Curriculum Unit


Robotic Hand Kit Info:

This kit includes all components needed to explore medical innovations through the study of bionics!


Quantity Part Specification
1      Palm      
5 Finger Tips  
4 Mid Finger Segments  
5 Base Finger Segments   
10 Finger Pins  
2 Knuckle Pins  
5 Strings 12 in
5 Elastic Bands 5 in
2 Dowels  
1 Stand  
1 Servo Organizer  
5 Micro Servo Motors  
5 Servo Caps  
25 Hookup Wires Male to Male
1 Arduino Uno  
1 USB Cable A to B  
1 USB Wire  
1 Ceramic Capacitor 100nF
1 Electrolytic Capacitor 1uF/50v
1 Voltage Regulator  
1 Solderless Breadboard 400 Point


      Virtual Teacher Mentorship

      With PicoCredits, you have access to Picosolutions' talented staff of teaching experts around the globe. One credit can become one hour of teaching or one hour of personalized tutoring for a student. Their virtual teaching assistants can lead a class or mentor a new teacher. With Virtual Teaching at PicoOnline, every curriculum and program will be tailored to your needs & teaching style. 


      The PicoSolutions Robotics & Electronics Makerspace comes in 3 versions:

      The Starter Makerspace is great for individual users, but does not include the 3D Creality Printer or Mayku FormBox. The Classroom Makerspace is perfect for classrooms and larger groups, it includes additional Robotic Hand Kits, PicoBots, and Bristlebots, as well as a 3D Creality Printer. The Complete Makerspace comes with even more Robotic Hand kits, PicoBots, and Bristlebots, as well as a 3D Creality Printer and a Mayku Vacuum FormBox. Please click the links above for more details.



      CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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