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Ping Pong Launcher 2.0 - Single

TeacherGeek SKU: TCG-1822-78

Ping Pong Launcher 2.0 - Single

TeacherGeek SKU: TCG-1822-78
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Ping Pong Launcher 2.0 - Single



    Hit 'em with your best shot!

    Build your own Launcher with TeacherGeek - send ping pong balls flying, marking the trajectory and distance of your shots and targets.

    Redesign your launcher with greater accuracy and precision through the optional labs and graphing sheets, then compete in exciting design challenges. Change one variable at a time, utilizing scientific and engineering methods to successfully hit targets. Use recycling bin materials or extra components to build a kicker, plunger, trebuchet, or slingshot your imagination is the limit!

    This updated (2.0) version of the original TeacherGeek Projectile Launcher has been revamped to give you even more unique design possibilities.


    Educational Goals:


    • Utilize the design and engineering process
    • Encourage creativity, critical thinking and problem solving
    • Learn about kinetic and potential energy
    • Apply the scientific method
    • Innovate‚ (design, build and evolve your own unique launcher)‚  ‚ 

    Each Pack Includes:


    • (1) Hole Plate
    • (2) 30cm Strips
    • (7) Blocks
    • (8) 2.5 cm Screws
    • (1) 5 cm Screw
    • (8) #10 Hex Nuts
    • (8) Rubber Bands
    • (1) Ping Pong Ball
    • (3) Protractors
    • (1) Ruler
    • (1) Paperclip
    • (6) 30 cm Dowels
    • (2) 10 cm Dowels

    Materials Needed but not Included:

    • Phillips Screwdriver
    • Scissors
    • Tape
    • Pliers (optional)
    • Recycling Bin Materials - to incorporate into your designs.

    Note:‚ This is an educational product and not a toy. Adult supervision is required.

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