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The Science of Superpowers Camp

The Science of Superpowers Camp

PCS Edventures SKU: PCS-EDS-14101

The Science of Superpowers Camp

PCS Edventures SKU: PCS-EDS-14101
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The Science of Superpowers Camp


Many of the world most famous superheroes modeled their identities after creatures with unique abilities by using engineering and design techniques. Students will be given an opportunity to dissect these skill-sets and uncover the science behind such super skills. With 12 hands-on lessons, biology, engineering, and technology concepts are discussed through the lens of comic book heroes!

Not only does this camp explore the science aspect of superpowers, but dives into what makes a true hero in the community. Who in your local community is a hero and what do they give back to the community like a superhero does? Sometimes heroes are as close as the room next door. Through collaboration and a community awareness students identify these real-life role models!

The Science of Superpowers Camp includes all of the curriculum and materials needed for summer camps, after-school environments, and classroom enrichment time.


  • Curriculum for 12 activities. Each activity can accommodate a 1 hour segment, or can be adjusted for different time blocks.
  • Materials for documenting, recording, and reflecting
  • Creative supplies for creating models
  • Informational posters on some of the inspirational animals behind superpowers
  • Superhero masks to help students channel their own inner-hero
  • Instructor guide
  • Camp background information
  • Collaboration and discussion tips
  • Activity and assessment materials


Lesson Titles:

    1. Ingredients for a Hero
    2. Spinning Webs and Spider-Man
    3. Look Who's Coming for Dinner
    4. Bats like Batman
    5. Where's My Dinner?
    6. Talons, Wings, and Beaks - Oh My!
    7. On the Wings of Raptors
    8. Iron Man - Technological Engineer
    9. Power Up!
    10. Tapping into Captain America
    11. Zero to Hero
    12. Let the Games Begin!

    Each Activity Guide Includes:
    • Schedule
    • Opening & Closing Discussion Topics
    • Step-By-Step Activity Instructions
    • Topic Background & Vocabulary
    • Materials List

    Materials Included:

    Item Quantity
    Sterilite tub (10 gal)‚  1
    #2 pencils (12 pack) 3
    Whiffle ball 1
    Plastic beak mask
    Bean bags 2
    Plastic bottles (64 oz) 3
    Colored pencils (12 pack) 15
    Paper cups (8 oz) 32
    Dry erase markers 231
    Dry erase peel and stick sheets (17"x24") 1
    Dry erase pockets 31
    Large plastic ears 2
    White envelopes 6
    Yellow cleaning gloves (pair) 1
    White glue (4 oz) 15
    Headbands 2
    Lollipops 31
    Paper plates 25
    Pencil sharpeners 5
    Rubber bands‚  31
    Rulers (12") 1
    Scissors 15
    Single hole punch 1
    Colored string (450 ft) 1
    Jumbo sunglasses 1
    Painter's tape (60 yards)‚  1
    Expanding plastic file folders 2

    Science of Superpowers Instructor's Guide
    Full set of student handouts 224
    Superhero templates 52

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