BrickLab Zoo Camp - STEMfinity
BrickLab Zoo Camp - STEMfinity
BrickLab Zoo Camp - STEMfinity
BrickLab Zoo Camp - STEMfinity

BrickLab Zoo Camp

PCS Edventures SKU: PCS-EDS-12505

BrickLab Zoo Camp

PCS Edventures SKU: PCS-EDS-12505
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BrickLab Zoo Camp


Explore the wild reaches of the globe in this animal-themed camp! Students discover our diverse world and the many different types of animals that live in it while understanding their habitats and what is necessary for their survival. Each lesson focuses on a specific animal, from camels to lobsters and more!

Through the various activities in this camp students grasp a greater understanding of the Earth's ecosystem and how animals play a vital role in it. An appreciation for each animal is gained, which encourages critical thinking and collaboration. Discover your favorite animal and interesting facts about the world around you today!

The BrickLab Zoo Camp includes all of the curriculum and materials needed for summer camps, after-school environments, and classroom enrichment time.

  • Curriculum for 12 activities. Each activity can accommodate a 1 hour segment, or can be adjusted for different time blocks
  • Materials for documenting, brainstorming, and reflecting
  • Over 6,500 PCS BrickLAB building manipulatives
  • Storage bin that will last for years!
  • Informational posters with important facts about animals
  • Instructor guide
  • Camp background information
  • Collaboration and discussion tips
  • Lesson extensions for differentiation
  • Activity and assessment materials

Lesson Titles:
  1. The Camel
  2. The Lizard
  3. The Lobster
  4. The Shark
  5. The Crocodile
  6. The Monkey
  7. The Yak
  8. The Puma (Mountain Lion)
  9. The Giraffe
  10. The African (Savanna) Elephant
  11. Brick Zoo
  12. Original Adaptations

Each Activity Guide Includes:
  • Schedule
  • Opening & Closing Discussion Topics
  • Step-By-Step Activity Instructions
  • Topic Background & Vocabulary
  • Materials List

Materials Included:
Item Quantity
Sterilite BrickLAB tub (25 gal) 1
Brick separator‚  1
Dry erase pockets 30
Dry erase markers 30
Mesh bag (for brick cleaning) 1
BrickLAB Zoo Instructor Manual‚  1
Full set of student handouts 720


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