Edison Educational Robot V3
Edison Educational Robot V3
Edison Educational Robot V3
Edison Educational Robot V3

Edison Educational Robot V3

Microbric SKU: MIB-EDR-V3

Edison Educational Robot V3

Microbric SKU: MIB-EDR-V3
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Edison Educational Robot V2



The Edison robot that you know and love just got even better! Introducing Edison V3!!

Here is a short list of the most significant Edison V3 improvements.

Rechargeable Battery:

With over 60 minutes of continuous driving time, students can now engage in extended learning experiences without the worry of running out of power (or the hassle of changing batteries mid-lesson). The inclusion of an internal rechargeable battery enhances convenience, promotes uninterrupted learning in the classroom and importantly, it helps the planet. The internal rechargeable battery is also replaceable, so Edison V3 won’t become e-waste after the battery reaches the end of its life.

USB Programming:

Edison V3 connects directly to a computer via USB. Simplifying the setup process and ensuring a more stable connection making programming a seamless experience for both beginners and experienced users. The USB cable is always ready to go as it is attached and tucks away neatly.

Charging Options:

Edison V3 can be charged from any USB-A powered source. For the ultimate classroom charging solution, the new *EdCharger allows for the simultaneous charging of up to five Edison V3 robots, streamlining the classroom experience even further.

*EdCharger sold separately. 


Edison Features:

Edison is a robust educational robot designed to bring coding to life for students and help teachers deliver meaningful 21st century education.

These LEGO compatible robots are designed to provide learners with an opportunity to experiment and grow their knowledge, explore their imagination, cultivate their innovativeness and have fun without expensive tools and excessive investment.

Why choose Edison?

Edison is a programmable robot designed to be a complete STEM teaching resource for coding and robotics education for students from 4 to 16 years of age.

Key Features

  • Affordable and available in single or value-packs each for a full class set.
  • Programmable, free open source graphical or text-based programming software.
  • LEGO compatible, modular and easily expandable.
  • Easy to use with many pre-programmed functions activated by included barcode cards.
  • Suitable for all ages from K-12 Grades.
  • Built to last, rugged and tough, can withstand a car driving over it and still functions!
  • Includes 10 FREE Educational robotics lesson plans.


Curriculum or Lesson Topics:

Coding education for all ages and skill levels

Edison’s robotic capabilities can be unlocked with ease through simple barcode programs. Students can then progress through three different programming languages as their skills increase.


Four Ways to Code Edison; From Basic to Advanced:

Barcodes - Ages 4+

Edison scans unique barcodes to activate pre-set programs in the robot - the perfect screen-free way for anyone to kick-start learning with Edison

EdBlocks - Ages 7+

Intuitive and fun, EdBlocks is a fully graphical programming language which uses simple drag-and-drop blocks, making it ideal for introducing anyone to programming.

EdScratch - Ages 10+

Easy drag-and-drop programming with powerful functionality and versatility, EdScratch is a robust platform for computer science education.

EdPy - Ages 13+

Text-based EdPy teaches students the core of a real-world programming language, empowering them to explore robotics and coding at a more advanced level.


Lesson Plans and Teaching Resources

Teaching coding, computational thinking and STEAM using Edison robots is easy with our free teaching resources. All of the Edison programming languages have complementary teaching resources including lesson plans and teacher guides plus complete student activity-sheet sets. The student-centric lessons, written at grade-appropriate reading levels, encourage independent learning through engaging, hands-on activities.

Lesson Samples:


What's Included:

Each Edison Kit comes with 1x Edison Robot, and 1x EdComm cable. Kits scale up from a single kit to 10, 20, and 30 packs.

Please choose your desired quantity towards the top of the page.

Please Note: Additional bulk discounts are available for orders of 100 Edison Robots or more.

Please contact sales@stemfinity.com to get a quote.

Technical Specifications:

Looking to learn all the nitty-gritty details about what makes Edison the robot tick? Well, here it is!


Edison is programmed using any of the Edison robotic programming languages.

Programs are downloaded to Edison using the EdComm cable. The EdComm cable is the special cable used to download programs to Edison robots from any of the Edison robotics programming languages. The EdComm cable is how you connect your Edison robot to a computer or tablet. The EdComm cable plugs into the computer’s headphone jack and carries a pulsed audio signal to a high-efficiency infrared (IR) LED. The IR LED converts the pulsed audio signal into light that is received by Edison’s line tracker phototransistor and loads the program into the processor. 


Sensors and inputs

  • Obstacle detection: Infrared using 2 IR LEDs (top front left and right) and IR receiver module (doubles as the IR data comms and remote-control receiver)
  • Remote control: IR receiver module (which operates at 38kHz) allows Edison to learn IR codes from most standard TV/DVD remote controls
  • Infrared data comms: IR receiver module (double as obstacle detection sensor and IR remote receiver)
  • Line tracker: Red LED and phototransistor (doubles as barcode reader and programming port)
  • Light sensors: 2 phototransistors (top front left and right) 
  • Sound sensor: Piezo transducer (doubles as sounder)


  • Drive: Differential two-wheel drive system with wheel encoders (Edison V2.0 models)
  • Infrared data comms: 2 infrared (IR) LEDs (double as obstacle detection sensor)
  • Sound: Piezo buzzer (doubles as sound sensor) 
  • Lights: 2 red LEDs (Front left and right)

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