Smartivity® Kaleidoscope - Elenco - STEMfinity
Smartivity® Kaleidoscope - Elenco - STEMfinity
Smartivity® Kaleidoscope
Smartivity® Kaleidoscope

Smartivity® Kaleidoscope

Smartivity SKU: SMR-1040

Smartivity® Kaleidoscope

Smartivity SKU: SMR-1040
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Recommended Ages: 6+

First designed by Scotsman Sir David Brewster in 1816, a kaleidoscope is not just another toy. It is a portal to a magical dimension where colors dance and wonders abound.

Peer into the fascinating world of patterns and designs. Used as a source of inspiration by designers and artists, kaleidoscopes inspire creativity and introduce children to the wonders of light, color, and reflection.

Build the kaleidoscope, fill its drum with colorful trinkets included in the kit, and explore the wonders of light and color. Decorate with your own paints and markers to make it unique and personal!

Smartivity® Kaleidoscope helps develop the following skills:

  • Analytical Skills
  • Creativity
  • Motor Skills
  • Practical Skills

    Unleash your imagination with SMARTIVITY® Do-It-Yourself activity kits.

    Made from high-quality, re-engineered, laser-cut wood, all SMARTIVITY products are recyclable, safe, non-toxic, and sustainable.

    Mess-free assembly using rubber bands - no glue required.

    Designed for learning fundamental principles of STEM/STEAM, each kit comes with easy-to-understand, illustrated instructions to ensure understanding of concepts learned through play.

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