CreositySpace Individual Kits
CreositySpace Individual Kits
CreositySpace Individual Kits
CreositySpace Individual Kits
CreositySpace Individual Kits

CreositySpace Individual Kits

CreositySpace SKU: CRS-AMM002

CreositySpace Individual Kits

CreositySpace SKU: CRS-AMM002
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CreositySpace Individual Kits

  • Grades: 1-5, 2-7, & 3-7
  • Number of Students: 1



CreositySpace offers individual kits that are perfect for your little inventor or scientist to discover STEM topics at home! CreositySpace offers the following kits:

  • Adventures with Magnificent Microbes (ages 7 - 12)
  • Introduction to Circuits & Batteries (ages 8 - 12)
  • Breathing Buildings (Ages 7 - 12)
  • Solar Explorer (Ages 8 - 12)
  • My STEM Explorer (Ages 6 - 10)

Please select your desired kit towards the top of this page, and please see below for more details on each kit:


Adventures with Marvelous Microbes

Microbes – so tiny, yet so powerful! We know the world is full of organisms and creatures that are so small we cannot see them without the help of special tools and powerful microscopes. So how can we hope to learn about them, appreciate them and think about new and exciting technologies to work with (or against) them?

To help overcome that hurdle CreositySpace has teamed up with the folks at GiantMicrobes to bring you the Adventures with Magnificent Microbes activity kit. Our kit includes hands-on activities to let kids interact and learn about microbes in a number of different ways – through science, art, games, and the list goes on. They will learn how microbes can both help or harm us and how entrepreneurs are creating new technologies and businesses based on their interactions with microbes.

Each kit contains – 2 petri dishes and multiple sterile cotton swabs, a microbe building and classification kit, polarizing films.

Suitable for kids 7 – 12.


Introduction to Circuits & Batteries

Electricity is the lifeblood of technology as we know​ it, so it’s never too early to start learning how it works. The Introduction to Circuits and Batteries kit provides kids a fun way to begin learning about electricity and what it takes to keep all their devices running.

Starting with a hand crank generator students will explore different ways to power their circuits while the 300 pin breadboard gives them a platform upon which they can build all sorts of electrical creations. They’ll also learn about entrepreneurs who are solving real-world problems with their electricity-based innovations.

Each kit contains: a hand crank generator with wires, a 300-pin breadboard, a buzzer, 5 LEDs, 5 resistors, 8 jumper wires, and an experiment notebook.

Suitable for ages 8 – 12.


Breathing Buildings

Most people think of buildings as just a collection of cement and steel, pipes and wires. However, buildings can be an active part of your life, neighborhood, and ecosystem.

Living walls can support pollinators and reduce home heating & and cooling costs. Water catchment systems can prevent flooding and erosion while also reducing load on neighborhood water treatment plants. Passive solar heating can make winter days warmer while reducing overall carbon footprint.

In this kit, students learn about living walls and other elements of green architecture as they explore what it means to design a breathing building.

Each kit contains: A living wall kit (stand, holder, soil, seeds), a individual green building starter kit, and experimental notebook, and access to additional online resources.

Suitable for ages 7 - 12.


Solar Explorer

Did you know that in ONE HOUR enough energy from the sun hits the Earth to supply all the power we need for things like heating our homes, and running our electronics and powering our schools and hospitals? Did you also know that there are many ways we can use the energy from the sun?

Come explore the power of the sun with a hands-on kit that includes circuits, solar beads and other fun activities. In addition to learning about the science behind solar energy, kids will learn about how entrepreneurs are designing new technologies and businesses to help bring the power of the sun to communities around the world.

Each kit contains: a breadboard, a wired solar panel, a buzzer, LEDs, resistors, jumper wires, a small key chain UV flashlight, UV sensitive beads and associated activity materials, an experiment notebook.

Suitable for ages 8 – 12.


My STEM Explorer

To help bring hands-on science and engineering to life, The My STEM Explorer kit (MSE) includes some of our favorite investigations from our Water WatchersContagion CrushersSun Catchers, and Green Architects elementary science and engineering units.

Suitable for students in grades 1 – 5, the MSE includes materials and instructions for 7 investigations, a student experimental notebook, and a copy of the Book of Ideas – Young Inventors notebook.

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