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Ultimaker 2 Extended+ Advanced 3D Printing Kit

Ultimaker SKU: ULT-9522

Ultimaker 2 Extended+ Advanced 3D Printing Kit

Ultimaker SKU: ULT-9522
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Ultimaker 2 Extended+ Advanced 3D Printing Kit

Enjoy the most consistent and reliable print results by achieving a great bed adhesion and ensuring a controlled temperature environment inside your 3D printer.

Ultimaker Advanced 3D Printing Kit has been designed to help you get consistent, reliable print results every time. Special adhesion sheets included in the kit minimize warping and achieve better bed adhesion - a welcome alternative to glue! And the door creates a more controlled environment inside your 3D printer; which means a more stable temperature and a higher print success rate. Quality and performance of the printed parts will be also improved as a result. 

This kit is mainly recommend in combination with the new industrial filaments, although other materials will also benefit from it.

The Advanced 3D Printing Kit for the Ultimaker 2 Extended+ includes:

  • 2 - 0.4 mm nozzle
  • 2 - TFM coupler
  • 25 - adhesion sheets
  • 1 - door


When to use the Advanced 3D Printing Kit:

The Advanced 3D Printing Kit can be used in combination with all Ultimaker filaments, although the benefits are greater for some materials than for others. See the table below for an overview of the compatibility and advice:

Material Door Adhesion Sheet
PLA Optional Optional
ABS Highly Recommended Optional
CPE Optional Optional
CPE+ Highly Recommended Highly Recommended
PC Highly Recommended Highly Recommended
Nylon Optional Optional
TPU 95A Optional Not Advised

The use of the door is strongly advised for most filaments that print at higher temperatures and which are likely to have problems with layer bonding. Because the door controls the temperature inside the printer, it prevents delamination and improves the surface quality of the prints.

For the other materials (PLA, CPE, Nylon and TPU 95A) the door is not necessary, but can be used optionally. The use of the door will not negatively impact print quality and may even lead to more reliable print results.

The adhesion sheets are highly recommended for CPE+ and PC. These materials require a bed temperature of 110 ‚ºC, but despite this high temperature may still have problems with adhesion to the build plate.

For most other materials the sheets are optional as they replace the use of the glue stick. Only for TPU 95A we advise against printing on the adhesion sheet; this material simply sticks too well to the sheet and removing the print from the platform is extremely difficult.

Instructions for installing parts of the Advanced 3D Printing Kit can be found here

If you need additional Ultimaker Printer spare parts, please contact us at 800-985-7836 or support@stemfinity.com

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