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Mango Math 5th Grade Deluxe Math Kit - STEMfinity
Mango Math 5th Grade Deluxe Math Kit - STEMfinity

Mango Math 5th Grade Deluxe Math Kit


Mango Math 5th Grade Deluxe Math Kit



Exploring fifth grade math skills has never been easier and more fun! MANGO Math Deluxe Fifth Grade Math Kit contains 20 separate skill building math lessons. Each individual lesson offers visual and kinetic representation of math concepts that develop strong math knowledge like; adding and subtracting fractions, developing understanding of multiplication of fractions, expanding division, expanding place value into decimals and developing fluency.‚  Every lesson is a games or activity that foster curiosity, discussion and growth through cooperation, collaboration and creative thinking. 

MANGO Math Kits come with individually packaged, Grab-n-Go lessons that includes instructions, reusable materials pre-packaged in a resealable pouch contained in an easy to carry crate that can be used year after year, providing long term savings. A lesson can be used with by to 4 students, set up as math centers with each grade level math kit meeting the needs of 30+ students at a time.‚  Each MANGO Math grade level math kit adheres to Common Core, TEKS and NCTM math standards and is researched based. 

Great to use in regular classrooms, resource rooms, after school programs, STEM programs, libraries, math centers, summer camps, learning cooperatives, math clubs, community centers, and at home.


All the supplies below are included with its specific lesson in the kit:


  • 6-colored spinner
  • Transparent spinner
  • Dice
  • 10-sided dice
  • Metric dice
  • 10s dice
  • 100s dice
  • 1000 dice
  • Bi-colored counters
  • Transparent counters
  • Stacking counters
  • Centimeter cubes
  • Colored tiles
  • Counting sticks
  • Play money: quarters, dollars, ten dollars, twenty dollars, fifty dollars, hundred dollars
  • AngLegs
  • Protractors
  • Sorting circles
  • Calculators
  • MANGO Math playing cards
  • Numbered tiles
  • Game pawns
  • Plastic resealable pouch
  • Directions cards
  • Game boards
  • Laminated writing boards
  • Dry erase markers
  • Cloth erasers
  • Custom game cards
  • Instruction book


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