xTool F1: 10W Basic Bundle
xTool F1: 10W Basic Bundle
xTool F1: 10W Basic Bundle
xTool F1: 10W Basic Bundle
xTool F1: 10W Basic Bundle
xTool F1: 10W Basic Bundle

xTool F1: 10W Basic Bundle


xTool F1: 10W Basic Bundle

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xTool F1: 10W Basic Bundle

  • Grades: 9+
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The xTool F1 Basic Bundle includes the xTool F1 and desktop smoke purifier. With a rapid 4000mm/s engraving speed and precise 0.00199 mm technology, it integrates both 2W 1064nm infrared and 10W 455nm diode lasers, providing live preview, auto-focus, and user-friendly operation. Safety features like laser leak-proofing, password lock, and full enclosure ensure secure classroom use. The Fastest Portable IR & Diode Laser Engraver, for engraving right on the spot.

How do the dual lasers work in F1? What materials can it engrave?

xTool F1 has both 10W 455nm blue/diode laser and 2W 1064nm infrared laser to engrave almost ALL common materials in daily life. Diode lasers perform best on wood, acrylic, leather, slate, glass, ceramic, etc., while infrared lasers can engrave clearly on all-metals(stainless steel, aluminum, gold, silver, iron, platinum) and plastic.

What are the merits for selecting F1?

  • The fastest of its kind: 4000 mm/s!
  • Top one in speed: We made it because we adopted the industrial grade galvo system. And we upgraded the algorithm of F1 to calculate the fastest possible path to engrave each and every pattern. For 5 secs, make a metal business card; 1 sec, make a paper card; 6 secs, make a leatherette patch.
  • The finest of its kind, exceptional high accuracy: F1 can reach 0.00199mm motion accuracy and 0.000248mm repetition accuracy! Thanks to the photoelectric sensor and hypersensitive magnets inside the F1 galvo system, xTool F1 can quickly respond and correct the position signal to its most accurate placement.
  • The world's first TRUE dual laser in a machine: xTool F1 combines 10W diode laser and 2W infrared laser inside the machine and can be seamlessly switch automatically during processing.
  • Safe fully-enclosed machine: The cover of the xTool F1 can be fully enclosed and can block all the smoke and smell, leaving a clean and odorless working environment. The cover can also block laser lights and protect your eyes.


Technology Requirements/Specifications:

  • Laser Type: 10W diode laser + 2W 1064nm infrared laser
  • Product Size: 179mm*235mm*334mm
  • Product Weight: 4.6kg
  • Movement Accuracy: 0.00199mm
  • Repeat Positioning Accuracy: 0.000248mm
  • Working Area: 115*115mm rounded rectangle; Expandable to 400*115mm with accessories
  • Up To Working Speed: 4000mm/s
  • Applications: XCS / LightBurn
  • Preview: Rectangle & Outline
  • Supported Files: SVG / DXF / JPG / JPEG / PNG / BMP
  • Supported Systems: Android / iOS / iPad / Windows / macOS
  • Input: 24V 5A
  • Connection / Transmission: Wi-Fi, USB


Special Notes and Considerations:

What are the differences between 40W, 20W, 10W, and 2W IR?

If you are pursuing efficiency and have higher cutting requirements, please choose the 40W option; if you do more engraving jobs and have no demand for efficiency or cutting capabilities, then the 20W is suitable for you. Specifically, the 40W can cut 18mm cherry wood, 15mm dark opaque acrylic, and 0.1mm stainless steel in one pass, while the 20W can cut 10mm cherry wood, 8mm dark opaque acrylic, and 0.04mm stainless steel in one pass. However, the 20W has a smaller laser spot (0.06mm*0.08mm) than the 40W (0.08mm*0.10mm), which means it can produce finer engraving results.

Material Differences: The right tool for the job

- 40W/20W/10W 2W IR
Cutting Materials Paper, Wood, Leather, MDF, Felt, Some dark opaque acrylic -
Engraving Materials Paper, Wood, Leather, MDF, Felt, Stainless steel, Some dark opaque acrylic, Bamboo, Fabric, Dark glass, Ceramic, Jade, Marble, Shale, Cement, Brick, Plated metal, Painted metal Metal, Plastic, Black Acrylic


Thicker Cut: Maximum thickness of one cutting

Material 40W (Best) 20W 10W 2W IR
Cherry Wood 18mm 10mm 3mm -
Basswood Plywood 15mm 10mm 3mm -
Walnut Wood 15mm 10mm 3mm -
Black Acrylic 15mm 8mm 5mm -
Stainless Metal 0.1mm 0.04mm - -

Higher Efficiency: MAX cutting speed of one cutting

Material 40W (Best) 20W 10W 2W IR
3mm Basswood 15mm/s 7mm/s 5mm/s -
6mm Basswood 10mm/s 4mm/s - -
10mm Basswood 6mm/s 3mm/s - -

Higher Precision: Fine engraving

Laser Module 40W 20W 10W 2W IR (Best)
Spot Size 0.08*0.10 mm 0.08*0.06 mm 0.06*0.04 mm 0.03*0.03 mm


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