Eisco Basic Circuits Kit
Eisco Basic Circuits Kit
Eisco Basic Circuits Kit

Eisco Basic Circuits Kit

Eisco SKU: ESC-FSC1043DC

Eisco Basic Circuits Kit

Eisco SKU: ESC-FSC1043DC
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Eisco Basic Circuits Kit

  • Grades: 7-12
  • Number of Students: 2-3
  • Number of Lessons: 3+
  • Contact Hours: 2-3
  • Additional Resources: Experiment Guide



This hands on learning kit is perfect for introducing students to the basics of electricity. Engaging for students, which allows them to explore and understand which configurations result in a successful or unsuccessful current path- all while having fun building their kits!


Curriculum or Lesson Topics:

  • Activity 1: How to Light a Light Bulb
  • Activity 2: Series and Parallel Circuits


Standards Alignment:

  • NGSS - Physical Science (PS) - Energy


What's Included:

  • 2x D cell batteries
  • 2x D cell battery holders
  • 1x Insulated wire
  • 2x Bulb holders
  • 5x Bulbs
  • 1x Knife switch

Recommended Items NOT Included:

  • 1x Wire Cutter and Stripper
  • 1x Multimeter or Voltmeter and Ammeter


Special Notes or Considerations:

WARNING: creating a short circuit and leaving it connected for even a short amount of
time can cause the wires and battery to heat up. This can cause burns, start fires and
even cause battery acid to leak. Do not allow students to leave a circuit connected for a
long while. Insist on using the knife switch to connect and disconnect circuits.

BREAKABLE WARNING: The light bulbs are glass and should be treated with
care. Also if too much current is supplied to the bulbs the filament will burn and the bulb
will be useless. Use only two batteries maximum to light the bulb.

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