STEM Pathways Lab - PREORDER - STEMfinity
STEM Pathways Lab - PREORDER - STEMfinity
STEM Pathways Lab - PREORDER - STEMfinity

STEM Pathways Lab

Kid Spark Education SKU: RKB-35061

STEM Pathways Lab

Kid Spark Education SKU: RKB-35061
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STEM Pathways Lab



The STEM Pathways Lab supports Kid Spark’s Elementary (grades 2-5) and Middle School (grades 6-8) programs and covers a broad range of technologies and curriculum. Students get hands-on as they explore concepts in structural & mechanical engineering, applied mathematics, rapid prototyping & 3D printing, and coding & robotics.

This lab is designed to accommodate students working collaboratively in teams of 2 - 4 students. As students progress through the supporting curriculum units, they will gain confidence in their ability to use technology to solve problems and create new solutions.

Resources for this lab include access to Kid Spark’s online curriculum library which includes unit overviews, teacher lesson plans, curriculum packets, student workbooks, video tutorials, unit assessments, and a 3D virtual parts library. Educators also have access to Kid Spark’s online Learning Management System which includes professional learning content and program certifications.


Curriculum Units Supported:

Grades 2-5:
  • Kid Spark Basics
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Exploring Sensors
  • Mechanisms & Movement
  • Robotics & Coding 101
Grades 6-8:
  • Kid Spark Basics
  • Compound Machines
  • Loops & Variables
  • Simple Machines
  • Rapid Prototyping & 3D Printing
  • Integrated Engineering Challenges


Teaching Computer Science?

Meet Spark:bit

At the heart of the STEM Pathways Lab is Spark:bit, a Micro-bit based robotics controller that can be combined with sensors, motors, and other Kid Spark engineering materials to create interactive, robotics systems. Students with little to no coding experience start with simple drag and drop coding and can transition to text-based coding when they are ready.


STEM Pathways Lab Includes:

  • A large assortment of structural building components, articulating components, and robotics & electronic components.
  • Transparent top lid which includes an inventory & organization guide to easily locate and manage materials in the lab.

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