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  • Grades: K-5
  • Number of Students: 1-2 per Glow
  • Number of Lessons: 9+ Practice Modes, 35+ levels
  • Contact Hours: N/A
  • Additional Resources: Glow Teacher Guide




  • 9+ practice modes across apps
  • 35+ levels to build skills
  • 1 tablet, Chromebook, or Mac required
Glow is part LED display, part etch-a-sketch, and all about making math make sense! Students turn dials and press buttons that control the lights and, in turn, illustrate operations, write math equations, and model fractions. The hands-on aspect allows students to visualize math concepts in a new, concrete way.


Glow Apps
  • GlowGrid - Students model addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division with lights
  • GlowPix - Students write math equations to create pictures
  • Fractions - Students model fractions


    Teacher Guide
    Teachers love Glow for self-checking, differentiation, and reporting. Whether using Glow to introduce a standard, revisit a skill, or offer remediation, the Teacher Guide offers helpful sample introduction scripts, student prompts, and discussion questions.


    The Owlet Math Tools Collection

    Two hands-on manipulatives, Glow and Cube, combine with digital apps to make abstract math concrete for grades K-5. “Aha!” moments result from peer-to-peer sharing, safe space to explore, and immediate feedback.

    Based in research, driven by joy

    • The Owlet Math Tools collection is the result of a 3 year design and research study supported by the National Science Foundation and enhanced by real math teachers in classrooms across the United States.

    No-distractions math manipulatives for K-5

    • Let students explore math in a safe, ad-free digital app. With Glow and Cube, engagement comes naturally - no games required. Align to learning goals while practicing math that actually looks like math.


    Suggested Add-ons:


    Curriculum or Lesson Topics:

    GlowGrid App:


    • Addition
    • Subtraction
    • Multiplication
    • Division
    • Division with Remainders

    Activity Modes:

    • Explore: Turn dials to see how the equation cahnges in the app
    • Make: Make a target number (only for Addition 1 & 2, Subtraction 1 & 2, and Multiplication)
    • Solve: Solve arithmetic problems
    • Find: Solve missing number problems


    GlowPix App:


    • Level 1: Add and subtract 1 and 10 to move from one number to another
    • Level 2: Add and subtract to move from one number to another
    • Level 3: Add and subtract to select numbers from 1-120
    • Level 4: Use all four operations to select numbers from 1-144
    • Level 5: Use parentheses to create more complex equations

    Fractions App:


    • Foundations: Exploring unit fractions and dividing a whole into equal parts
    • Intro: Begin to work with fractions and mixed numbers
    • Equivalence: Equivalent fractions

    Activity Modes:

    • Explore: model fractions
    • Make: Make fractions from prompts
    • Build: Make a fraction, then find other fractions that are equal to it (only in Intro)
    • Compare: Make two fractions and then compare them (only in Intro)


    What’s Included:

    • 1 Glow LED board
    • 1 USB charging cable
    • 5 overlays for the LED board


    Additional Information and Resources:


    Technology Requirements/Specifications:

    • 1 tablet, Chromebook, or Mac required

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