KAI: The Artificial Intelligence Robot
KAI: The Artificial Intelligence Robot
KAI: The Artificial Intelligence Robot
KAI: The Artificial Intelligence Robot
KAI: The Artificial Intelligence Robot
KAI: The Artificial Intelligence Robot

KAI: The Artificial Intelligence Robot

Thames & Kosmos SKU: TKS-620392

KAI: The Artificial Intelligence Robot

Thames & Kosmos SKU: TKS-620392
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KAI: The Artificial Intelligence Robot

  • Grades: 5+
  • Number of Students: 1-3 per Robot
  • Number of Lessons: 8 Experiments
  • Contact Hours: N.A.
  • Additional Resources: KAI Manual



Explore the future of advanced computing technology with KAI — short for Kosmos Artificial Intelligence! Build and program an intelligent, six-legged, app-enabled robot that uses machine learning to react to the gestures and sounds that you make. Machine learning is the process by which computers use data to recognize patterns, learn, and make predictions, and it is a key aspect of artificial intelligence.

Using the app and your smart device’s camera and microphone, record physical gestures and sounds, assigning them to KAI’s five functions: walk forward and backward, turn left and right, and stop. The AI will learn to recognize each gesture or sound, even if they differ in small details. The more data you collect, the better the AI will learn from it. 

Use the data collected to create an AI model in the training screen of the app, where the AI takes your data and recognizes patterns in it. The learning curve shows you how accurately the AI model is learning, and you can use the sliders to adjust the number of times it will analyze the data and how quickly the training should run to get better results. Then put your AI model to the test in play mode by controlling your robot remotely. Just perform the same gestures or sounds that you did when collecting data, and your robot will perform the assigned function! You can also control KAI directly using the remote-control function in the app or by using your smart device as a gyroscope, tilting it in the direction you want it to move in. 

Mechanically, KAI is a fascinating robot that can walk on six legs and rotate its upper body around 360 degrees, allowing it to turn toward any direction on the spot. Composed of 25 red LEDs, its face display can be programmed via the app to show different expressions and scrolling messages.  

A full-color, 64-page manual provides step-by-step illustrated assembly and programming instructions, teaches lessons in AI and robotics, and includes a fun, comic-book-style story that brings KAI to life. Read about the history and future of AI and its real-world applications. The app requires a tablet (recommended) or smartphone running iOS or Android. Please check the app stores for compatibility and device requirements.

  • Build your own six-legged robot from more than 100 pieces
  • Collect data via your smart device's camera and microphone
  • Train your AI model to more accurately recognize patterns in the data
  • Control your robot remotely using gestures and sounds
  • Remote-control mode allows you to manually control your robot
  • Display emotions and messages on the robot’s LED face display
  • Includes a lesson in creating your own AI using household items (paper and cups)


Additional Information and Resources:

For more info on the experiments and the parts included with KAI, please see the KAI manual here.

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