ScienceWiz Collisions & Trajectories

ScienceWiz SKU: SWZ-7818
ScienceWiz Collisions & Trajectories - STEMfinity

ScienceWiz Collisions & Trajectories

ScienceWiz SKU: SWZ-7818
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ScienceWiz Collisions & Trajectories

Recommended Ages: 8+

Includes a beautifully illustrated 36-page science book with materials

18 Projects, Including:

  • Explore collisions with a Newton cradle
  • Build and aim a catapult
  • Lift off with stomp rocket science
  • Make the rocket go the farthest
  • Collide collision carts
  • Ram barriers with marbles and carts to explore momentum
  • Paint with pendulums


Explore elastic and inelastic collisions, kinetic and potential energy, momentum, circular motion and pendulums.

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