Litebee Star - 10 Pack with Case & Base Station
Litebee Star - 10 Pack with Case & Base Station
Litebee Star - 10 Pack with Case & Base Station
Litebee Star - 10 Pack with Case & Base Station
Litebee Star - 10 Pack with Case & Base Station

Litebee Star - 10 Pack with Case & Base Station


Litebee Star - 10 Pack with Case & Base Station

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Litebee Star - 10 Pack with Case & Base Station


  • Grades: 6+
  • Number of Students: 10-30
  • Number of Lessons: 9 Chapters
  • Contact Hours: NA
  • Additional Resources: Litebee Go App



The Litebee Stars offer a collection of swarm drones ranging from 10 to 200 units, designed for executing captivating low-altitude light shows, both indoors and outdoors. With their compact design and included transport case for storage, they are perfect for educational purposes related to drone formations and dazzling drone light shows.

  • Advanced Swarm Technology
  • Creative Programming
  • Safety & Protection
  • 3D Preview


The flight range and the number of aircraft can be easily customized. These drones can maintain a stable formation, even in the presence of crosswinds, making them suitable for low-altitude flights both indoors and outdoors.


Stunning and Customizable

Experience dazzling light shows with super-bright lights. Unleash your innovation and creativity with the ability to design custom shows.


Precise Positioning Technology for Real-time Control

Empower your swarm to complete missions in complex environments with high-accuracy positioning technology. Enjoy real-time data transmission, automatic flight information detection, and seamless control over your drone's movements.


Safety First

The Star drones feature a compact and durable design with full enclosure protection propeller guards. You'll receive low battery and altitude warnings, and LiteBee has implemented a reliable fail-safe system. Plus, with the convenient 'One-Key Takeoff' feature, you can effortlessly initiate your drone's flight with the press of a single button.


Low-Altitude Formation

Achieve a striking light show with tightly coordinated formations. Low-altitude flight makes it easy and cost-effective to create captivating displays. When combined with lights and music, these formations transport the audience into a dreamlike experience.


Curriculum or Lesson Topics:

Educational Programming

The Star drones support both Scratch and Python programming, making them ideal for STEAM education with a focus on drones.


LiteBee Courses:

  • Chapter 1: How can an object fly?
  • Chapter 2: Meet LiteBee drone
  • Chapter 3: Fly the drone
  • Chapter 4: Programming Software
  • Chapter 5: Design a game by coding
  • Chapter 6: Advanced Operation
  • Chapter 7: Drone Extensions
  • Chapter 8: Flight data Sharing
  • Chapter 9: Application of Drone


What's Included:

  • (10) LiteBee Star Drones
  • (3) 4-channel Chargers
  • (10) Propeller Guards
  • (30) Batteries
  • (12) Propeller Sets
  • (1) Screwdriver
  • (1) Screwdriver H2.0
  • (1) Transport Case

Base Station Kit:

  • (5) Tripods
  • (4) Base Stations
  • (1) Relay Station
  • (5) Batteries
  • (1) Transport Case



  • Size: 202x202x80.5mm (single drone)
  • Weight: 188g
  • Wheelbase: 153mm
  • Propeller: 3018
  • Electronic Drive: 15A
  • Motor: 1104/5200KV
  • Battery: 1300mAh
  • Flight Time: 13min
  • Position: Optional flow/UWB

Special Notes and Considerations:

LiteBee Star is also available in single quantities. A minimum of 10 are needed in order to perform a light show, so we highly recommend starting with the 10-pack and adding more as needed. Please contact for custom LiteBee Star quantities. 

Please Note: The included Base Station is highly recommended to get the most out of your Litebee Stars experience. However, the Base Station and the drones can be sold seperatly upon request. Please request a quote here for a custom Litebee Stars kit that works for you!

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