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Dremel 3D Printer Filament - PLA Red - STEMfinity

Dremel 3D Printer Filament - PLA Red


Dremel 3D Printer Filament - PLA Red

The most commonly used filament is a biodegradable plastic and a good choice to reliably create high detail parts. It is best used for cosmetic prints used in low-stress applications. Perfect for beginners due to ease of printing.

  • 0.75 KG spools
  • 1.75mm diameter
  • Yields approximately 22 hours at 200 micron resolution
  • PLA is usable on all Dremel 3D printers. Plant-based, biodegradable.
  • All 2018 Dremel filaments have RFID tags. The 3D45 Dremel printer will auto-recognize and auto-set temperatures for each filament