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Roamer Primary Keypad Module - STEMfinity
  • SKU: VAL-1522-103

Roamer Primary Keypad Module


Roamer Primary Keypad Module

Early Years Roamer Keypad Module Grades PreK-K VA-1522-101
K1/K2 Roamer Keypad Module Grades K-2 VA-1522-102
Primary Roamer Keypad Module Grades 2-5 VA-1522-103
Junior Roamer Keypad Module Grades 4-8 VA-1522-104

*All Keypad Modules require a Roamer base.

Simply attach this keypad to the base to become a Primary Roamer. Really useful if you need to keep changing the Roamer to the ability of the children.

The Primary Roamer is the next structured step in developing the Logo language. Procedures are introduced, as well as programmable input and output lines. Speed, volume and strength are all variable which, with the user defined keys, means that this little robot is incredibly flexible.

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