Phiro Pro - 3 Pack
Phiro Pro - Meritus AI - STEMfinity
Phiro Pro - Meritus AI - STEMfinity
Phiro Pro - Meritus AI - STEMfinity

Phiro Pro - 3 Pack


Phiro Pro - 3 Pack

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Phiro Pro - 3 Pack

  • Grades: 4-12
  • Number of Students: 3-6
  • Number of Lessons: N/A
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This is a bundle of 3 Phiro Pros, with 3x everything included with a Phiro Pro.

Introducing, Phiro Pro, a versatile and interactive robot that empowers young learners to explore the world of programming and robotics. With an emphasis on creativity, critical thinking, programming, and logical and developmental skills, the Phiro Pro is an excellent tool for students aged 9 to 18 to learn and experiment with.

The Phiro Pro is designed to help students develop their creative skills by allowing them to create algorithms and translate them into programs for the robot. Through this process, students will gain experience in problem-solving and will have the opportunity to troubleshoot their programs to improve functionality and performance.

Programming skills are a crucial aspect of working with the Phiro Pro, as it allows students to create advanced programs using conditionals, loops, nested loops, and variables. With these programming concepts, students will be able to create more sophisticated programs and explore new possibilities with the robot.

The Phiro Pro is also an excellent tool for developing logical skills as it allows students to explore conditional and relational concepts. With these concepts, students will be able to create more intricate and complex programs that require a high degree of logic and reasoning.

Beyond developing these core programming skills, the Phiro Pro also encourages students to develop their development skills by creating programs for real-world applications and testing them with the robot. By experimenting and testing their programs, students will be able to refine and improve their creations, allowing them to gain experience in creating programs that are both effective and efficient.

Above all, the Phiro Pro is designed to encourage students to be independent and innovative thinkers. By empowering students to create and experiment with their programs, the Phiro Pro fosters a love of learning and a curiosity about the world of programming and robotics. Join the Phiro Pro community today and discover the endless possibilities of programming and robotics!


Curriculum or Lesson Topics:

  • Creative skills : Creating Algorithms and translating into programs for Phiro
  • Focus on mastering : Critical thinking through troubleshooting programs
  • Programming Skills : Advanced programs using Conditionals, Loops, Nested loops, Variables etc.
  • Logical Skills: Conditional and Relational Concepts
  • Development Skills: Creating programs for real world application and testing them with Phiro | Encouraging the child to be an independent and innovative thinker.


What's Included:

  • (3) Phiro PRO Robot
  • (3) USB Charging Cable
  • (3) PHIRO Swish Card (75 Cards)
  • (3) Phiro LEGO® Accessory
  • (3) Phiro Smartphone Mount
  • (3) Accessory Clip

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