BrickLAB Tech Set: 4th Grade - STEMfinity
BrickLAB Tech Set: 4th Grade - STEMfinity

BrickLAB Tech Set: 4th Grade

PCS Edventures SKU: PCS-BLB-12636

BrickLAB Tech Set: 4th Grade

PCS Edventures SKU: PCS-BLB-12636
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BrickLAB Tech Set: 4th Grade



Bricks naturally provide students of all ages a platform for creative and innovative thinking, which is why the BrickLAB Tech Set is perfect for extracurricular programs which aim to instill a wide range of STEM skills! The BrickLAB Tech Set is different from the Core version because it allows more variation between grade levels. Choose between grades levels however these levels are more for recommendation and can be used at the discretion of individual instructors to accommodate different learning environments with a variety of student levels. Additionally, each set comes with enough manipulatives to instruct up to 30 students at once! The BrickLAB Tech Set is the perfect addition to any program seeking to add diversity! The primarily project-based learning curriculum can be used in multiple ways to encourage student growth and creativity, or the bricks can be used in teacher-devised projects--the possibilities are endless with over 6,500 bricks on hand!

Materials Included:

  • 6,500 BrickLAB building bricks
  • 2 storage tubs
  • Brick separator
  • Mesh bag for cleaning bricks
  • Spiral-bound Instructor Guide


Curriculum Structure

12 two-hour units. Each unit includes:

  • 2 Intro Discussions
  • 2 Builds
  • 2 Engineering Challenges
  • 2 Real World Extensions
  • 2 Small Group Extensions
  • 2 Written Activities
  • 2 Assessments
  • 1 Final Class Challenge


Lesson Topics

  1. Innovation's Impact on Society
  2. Measurement & Parameters
  3. Science & Integrated Technology
  4. Clean Water
  5. Directions & Maps
  6. Design Trade-Offs
  7. Medical Technology
  8. Agricultural Technology
  9. Electricity & Nuclear Power
  10. Symbols & Codes
  11. Transportation Technology
  12. Manufactured Goods


Note: Due to production time, this item typically ships 2-3 weeks after receipt of the order. During peak season, April-June, lead time is around 6 weeks. Please plan and order accordingly. 


BrickLAB Video

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