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Lab-Aids: Decomposition Kit

Lab-Aids SKU: LAB-35

Lab-Aids: Decomposition Kit

Lab-Aids SKU: LAB-35
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Lab-Aids: Decomposition Kit

What do the terms Biodegradable and Decomposition mean, and how do they happen? These are just two of the questions explored in this activity, and are both very important concepts in the study of life cycles. Students investigate the effect of various factors on decomposition and biodegradability. They use an "inquiry method" to set up a series of experiments which focus on determining the rate of decomposition, the effect of soil type on decomposition, and the different types of substances which decompose. This relevant Lab-Aid is complete for 50 students.
Scientific Concepts:
  • Understand biodegradability
  • Explore decomposition and rates
  • Study effects of types of soil on decomposition
  • Explore the types of substances which can be decomposed
  • Use the "inquiry method" to set up experiments

Content List:
  • 1 Teacher's Guide with MSDS
  • 50 Student Worksheets and Guides
  • 24 Cover dishes, clear
  • 24 Flower pots, plastic
  • 2 Trays, plastic
  • 1 Package of dried plant material
  • 1 Package of gravel
  • 1 Package of processed foodstuff
  • 1 Package of animal material
  • 1 Package of clean sharp sand
  • 1 Package of natural fibers
  • 1 Package of plastic fragments
  • 1 Package of soil rich organic matter
  • 1 Package of synthetic fibers

Classroom Planning:
  • Number of students: 50
  • To complete this kit requires at least part of one ~50-minute class period to set up and then multiple opportunities during class time for observing and note taking for up to 2 months.

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