Birdbrain Technologies: Classroom robotics kits backed by research

Quick Facts About Birdbrain Technologies:

  • Featured Robotics Kits:
  • Learning Environments: Afterschool, Classroom, At Home, Makerspace
  • Subject Areas: Engineering, Mathematics, Programming, Robotics, Technology
  • Lesson Plans: Yes
  • Educational Standards: Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, Computer Science Teachers Association, International Society for Technology in Education
Are you ready to transform your classroom into a hub of hands-on learning and excitement? Look no further than BirdBrain Technologies, a research-based company founded in 2010 at the prestigious CREATE Lab at Carnegie Mellon University. BirdBrain’s aim is to revolutionize STEM education, promote gender equality, and provide a diverse learning environment for students through our cutting-edge classroom robotics.

BirdBrain Technologies’ innovative robotics kits are designed to capture the attention and imagination of learners of all ages, enabling them to discover and explore the endless possibilities of technology. BirdBrain’s classroom robotics empower students to get actively involved in their learning process. By building and programming robots, students gain practical skills while fostering creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration. This hands-on approach encourages a deeper understanding and retention of STEM concepts, ensuring a holistic educational experience.

BirdBrain Technologies believes that every educator should have access to quality resources. That's why BirdBrain Technologies provides teachers with free standards-aligned curriculum, meticulously designed to integrate seamlessly with robotics kits. With this comprehensive support, educators can effortlessly incorporate robotics into existing lesson plans, ensuring a well-rounded and engaging STEM education.

The BirdBrain Technologies product lineup is geared toward K-12 students, but can be used in almost any learning environment where you want to introduce hands-on engineering, programming, and robotics. BirdBrain Technologies has two product lines of robots: the Hummingbird and the Finch. Both products have been created and validated by National Science Foundation-funded research at Carnegie Mellon University and tested in classrooms with teachers and students.

The Finch Robotics Kit is targeted towards grades K-12 and offered individually as a single kit, and as a classroom pack that serves up to 10 students. The Finch was specifically designed to grow with students, from learning basic drag-and-drop visual based coding, to learning advanced text-based programming like Python and Java. Each Finch Kit includes LEDs, multiple sensors, and everything needed to operate and learn robotics. The Finch Robotic Kit also includes 65 activities designed to progress student achievement, and free professional development courses for educators that will teach you the basics of programming and teaching and how to use the product. These free video courses offered by Birdbrain Technologies also introduce fun activities that are designed to help integrate the Finch Robotics Kit seamlessly into your learning environment. If your site is looking to integrate robotics but doesn’t have the appropriate staff expertise to implement successfully, Birdbrain Technologies offers virtual professional development that will teach your educators the basics of programming and teaching with the Finch Kit. This virtual professional development provides up to four hours of interactive instruction for up to 20 participants and can be split into multiple sessions that best fit your site’s learning goals and needs.

The Hummingbird Robotics Kit is targeted towards grades 4-12 and offered individually as a single kit, and as a classroom pack that serves up to 12 students. The Hummingbird was built around the concept of having a low-floor and high-ceiling approach that enables beginners to build and program within minutes, but also allow them to continue their learning journey over time by progressing towards advanced engineering and programming. Each kit contains motors, sensors, and lights that allow students to build their robot out of any materials that they choose, and comes with classroom-ready packaging that includes sturdy cases, sorting compartments, and stackable containers.

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