Vibe S1 Vs Vibe Pro Comparison Sheet

Vibe S1 Vs Vibe Pro Comparison

Vibe S1 is an all-in-one huddle room solution with a smart whiteboard, SmartCam (optional), and collaboration apps. It’s Vibe's best product suite yet and runs on the powerful Intel i5 processor and Chromium OS.

The Vibe Pro 75″ runs on Chromium OS and boasts a larger display with more interactive touchpoints, perfect for bigger conference rooms or classrooms.


Detailed Comparison

Model Vibe S1 55" Vibe Pro 75"
Active Screen Size 55" 75"
Price $3,299 $6,999
Ideal For All-in-one meeting solution Large conference room / classroom solution
Hardware Intel i5, 128G Intel i5, 128G
4K Touchscreen Yes, Infrared Yes, PCAP
Compatible SmartCam C1 Yes No
Video Conferencing Yes Yes
Realtime Whiteboarding Yes Yes
Multi-Media Presentation Yes Yes
Screencast & Annotation Yes Yes
Support for Third-Party Apps Yes Yes
Built-in Screen Recorder Yes Yes
Companion mobile app Yes Yes
Enterprise Features Yes Yes