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Real Robotics Kits combined with coding & STEM curriculum

UBTECH Education’s solutions are ideal for classrooms, virtual learning environments, makerspaces, and other STEM programs. Ideal for K-12, UBTECH robotics kits combine hands-on activities, cutting-edge tech, and standards-aligned curriculum to prepare all learners for success in STEM classrooms and careers.

UKITs Designed for Your STEM Program

Help kids develop real-world skills to solve real-world problems. UKITs enable Educators to inspire students to build, code, and deepen STEM learning in classrooms, libraries, and before/after school programs. UKITs are flexible and seamlessly integrate with your STEM and CTE programs. Work it in how it works for you. Get ready for “Back to School” with comprehensive STEM bundles designed for Elementary, Middle, or High School programs.


UBTECH JIMU Robot Competitive Series: ChampBot Kit


UBTECH UKIT Intermediate Class Pack


UBTECH UKIT Beginner Class Pack


UBTECH UKIT Intermediate


UBTECH Live Virtual Introductory Training + Coaching Professional Development


UBTECH Classroom plus Curriculum Integration Professional Development (on-site)


UBTECH AI in the Classroom Professional Development


UBTECH AI Foundations Curriculum - Grades: 9-12