Purchase Orders

*STEMfinity gladly accepts purchase orders based upon approval.  A signed copy of the purchase order must be faxed to (888) 557-7836 or emailed to us at sales@stemfinity.com.  If you have questions regarding your organization's qualifications for submitting purchase orders, please email sales@stemfinity.com.  

If this is the first order being billed to your school or organization, include proof of tax-exempt status if applicable. 

To ensure your order is processed in a timely manner, purchase orders need to include:


  • STEMfinity as the vendor
  • Your organization's billing address and phone number
  • Your organization's shipping address, attention to, and phone number for delivery
  • End user's email address
  • Individual items listed with product code, description, unit, and total price
  • Appropriate Shipping & Handling fees
  • Signature of approval


To print a Quote from our website, add items to the shopping cart, click on the STEM Cart in the upper right corner of the webpage and select Print Cart. You may also contact us for a quote.   

For orders outside of the 48 Contiguous United States, please contact us (sales@stemfinity.com) for assistance.

**Some items incur additional shipping & handling fees. 

Fax:  (888) 557-STEM “7836”

Email: support@stemfinity.com

504 S. 11th St.
Boise, ID 83702


STEMfinity's W-9

*Purchase orders qualifying for NET 30 terms must be paid by the due date specified on the invoice.   Past due invoices are subject to a $35.00 Late Fee and an 18% service (1.5% monthly) charge.