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Drone technology continues to evolve and is now available for students to utilize in a school/classroom setting. Students learn STEM through constructing drones with hands-on activities, programming and coding drones, and collaborating with their peers as they navigate through different obstacles. Hands-on technology like drones in the classroom provides student-centered, technology-driven learning for girls and other underrepresented groups who may never have been exposed to STEM education. Let your student's imagination soar with STEMfinity's drones!

Drones & RC

Remote-Control Machines


CoDrone Pro


CoDrone EDU - Single Kit


LiteBee Brix III


Discover Drones Classroom Pack


Robolink CoDrone Pro Camp Bundle


Ready, Set, Drone! Camp - Second...


CoDrone Mini


CoDrone Mini Classroom Set - 12...


Coding with Drones


LiteBee Ghost II - Shooting Module


LiteBee Wing


Discover Drones Club Pack


LiteBee Ghost II - Airdrop Module


LiteBee Wing Coding Quadcopter Kit (DRONE)


SafeDrone 1: Classroom Kit


CoDrone Mini Classroom Set Bundle


OnPoynt The Crane


OnPoynt The Cobra Drone Racing Team...


Drone Designers: Exploring STEAM Careers Camp


Droneology ED! App - Single User...


CoDrone EDU - Classroom Kit


Drone Legends STEM Fundamentals - With...


LiteBee Ghost II - Dynamic Kit


Drone Legends STEM Fundamentals - Renewal


Drone Legends STEM Fundamentals - No...


LiteBee Ghost II


SafeDrone 10: Classroom Kit


SafeDrone 5: Classroom Kit


SafeDrone 5: Elementary School Classroom Kit


CoDrone Mini Classroom Set Half Bundle


OnPoynt Drone Ranger® Racing Gate Competition...


OnPoynt The Scout Mini Racking Drone...


OnPoynt Drone Ranger® Propulsion Power Systems


OnPoynt The Longbow


OnPoynt The Hawk


OnPoynt Indoor Self-standing Netting


OnPoynt ViewPoynt™ Video System Add-On Module


Drone Ranger® Aerial Robotics Tool Kit


Remote-Control Machines

Build your own motorized vehicles and machines and control them with a wireless remote control unit.