Discover Blocksmith: 3D Coding & Design How It Works


Your Blocksmith Group License comes with three main components:

  • Access to the latest version of the BlocksmithXR< Builder software
  • Access to the Content Library and premium assets
  • Printed Educator Guide from PCS Edventures

Your subscription comes with access to all Blocksmith curriculum tracks and pre-made educational experiences. Students then use the BlocksmithXR Builder software to model objects and scenarios, bringing them to life with an extensive logic system. These can be played immediately from the builder, or uploaded to the class workspace and downloaded to VR/AR viewers.

The print curriculum included with this license is designed to support the 12-hour Program Bundles in the Blocksmith Content Library: Classic Games, Farm Sim and Royale Battles. While each course has a slightly different scope and sequence, any one of these three options can serve as an introduction to BlocksmithXR Builder, giving students the skills they need to pursue open-ended projects or more advanced curriculum tracks.

  • Classic Games. Re-live and re-make classic arcade games, but in 3D! Remake classic games like Frogger, Mario and Super Dodge Ball, and then customize them with ideas and game mechanics of your own.
  • Farm Sim. Learn how to build a Farming Simulator with a series of four games that let your players plant seeds, grow, harvest and take them to market. Students learn the basic concepts behind beloved economy games like Stardew Valley and Farm Simulator.
  • Royale Battles. Create a Battle Royale game in your own world! Learn how to make a 3D level, your own water pistols and eventually a completely customized multiplayer game.

These 12-hour Program Bundles come with detailed step-by-step instructions for students that can be viewed directly in the BlocksmithXR Builder software, while the accompanying printed Educator Guide includes key terms, background information, intros, closing activities for each lesson, information on standards alignment and additional technical information for instructors.

Classroom Management:

You have a couple of options:

  • Simplest: choose or let the class choose one track to go through together.
  • More Adventurous: let students choose which track they take on. While they will learn slightly different skills in each track, any of the three sets of quests will give them enough of a foundation to explore future courses or design independently.

Your Blocksmith Subscription:

Your group license includes a one-year subscription to Blocksmith. As long as your subscription remains active, you’ll have access to all curriculum tracks, premium assets and educational experiences. Expired accounts are downgraded to the Free version and lose access to all curriculum and workspace features.