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We are excited to share that STEMfinity is now an approved vendor with the Choice Partners national purchasing cooperative under contract #23/029SG-14, offering STEM & CTE Materials nationwide. Our mission at STEMfinity is to streamline access to STEM resources for teachers and students through our STEMfinity Preferred rating and user-friendly One-Stop STEM Shop. With this partnership, we are moving closer to our vision of becoming the leading global provider of STEM education resources and services. Thank you for your ongoing support in empowering the next generation of innovators and problem solvers through STEM education.

STEMfinity Preferred Brands = STEM Forged Esports & KUBO Robotics

At STEMfinity, we're committed to expanding access to high-quality STEM and CTE materials for educators nationwide. We're proud to announce that we've successfully included STEM Forged and KUBO Robotics into our Choice Partners national purchasing cooperative contract #23/029SG-14, broadening our offerings to provide even more innovative resources for your classroom needs. Explore our One-Stop-STEM-Shop at , where you can customize a STEM solution with the guidance of our expert team. Let's work together to empower the next generation of thinkers and creators!

KUBO Robotics

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STEM Forged Esports

STEM Forged Esports

Please watch the following video and review the information below:

Classroom Fusion: A New Wave in Learning

A Quick Glimpse into Game-Centered Learning:

  • CTE-Infused Gaming: Incorporating Career and Technical Education elements ensures that students aren't just playing, they're preparing for real-world skills and vocations.
  • Strategic Mindsets & Teamwork: Esports isn’t just about quick reflexes. It's about planning, understanding your role within a team, and executing strategies together.
  • Collaborative Game Design: Beyond individual creativity, students learn the value of pooling ideas, constructive feedback, and co-creating projects in our game design programs.
  • Holistic Development: Beyond the screen, our programs foster soft skills, communication abilities, critical thinking, and problem-solving – skills that will stand students in good stead in any profession.
  • Inclusive and Diverse Learning: We pride ourselves on offering programs that cater to all learners, fostering an environment of inclusivity, diversity, and mutual respect.

So, what's the offer?

For the Tech Enthusiasts

While game design is apt for Chromebooks, when it comes to esports, STEMfinity's specially crafted esports computers are the way to go. Top-notch gear for a top-notch experience!

Making Learning Transparent

Real-Time Progress Tracking: Stay ahead with instant insights. Monitor students' advancements in real-time, ensuring timely interventions and celebrating achievements as they unfold.

Quantifiable Impact: Our analytics showcase the transformative influence of game-centered learning. Observe tangible improvements in skills acquisition, engagement levels, and overall performance.

Deep Dive Insights: It's more than just scores. Gain a comprehensive understanding of behavioral trends, teamwork dynamics, creativity metrics, and other intricate aspects of your students' learning journey.

The Power of Informed Decisions: With the rich data at your fingertips, educators can make well-informed decisions. This empowers them to tailor interventions and customize learning experiences to best fit individual student needs.

Jump Into the Future with STEM Forged on STEMfinity

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Got Questions? 

Whether it's details you're after or a chat to understand the magic behind STEM Forged, dive into our FAQs or Schedule a Consultation. Let's explore this journey together!

Together with STEMfinity

We believe in the power of collaboration and innovation. We're excited about this next chapter in STEM education and can't wait for you to be a part of it


By investing in multi-year commitments, schools tap into the full depth of our offerings. It ensures that students receive a cohesive, sequential learning experience, making the most of the dedicated funds for educational enhancement.

Remarkably seamless. Our comprehensive packages offer the software, a dedicated remote instructor, curriculum, and processes. Your role? Just provide a facilitator for the students.

Game Design: Works smoothly on Chromebooks.

Esports: Requires more powerful PCs. For the best Esports experience, we recommend STEMfinity's Esports computers — tailor-made for competitive gaming.

K-2 Blocksmith Tours: Compatible with tablets or Chromebooks.

Please note, while we provide the software and expertise, the hardware selection and provision are up to you.

Our partnership kicks off the moment you secure your programs. A dedicated onboarding manager ensures a tailored fit for your school's unique needs.

After our 30-day onboarding collaboration, students are ready to begin their journey. This timeframe is adaptable based on your specific needs.

Absolutely. Programs can be scheduled during school hours, after-school, or even during the summer.

It's a unique opportunity to invest in holistic growth. Long-term engagement equates to deeper learning experiences. Students acquire skills and foster a lifelong passion for STEM.

We've got the content delivery covered with our remote instructors. All you need is a facilitator.

Real-time, transparent insights await you. Updated reports on your dashboard illuminate student engagement, improvement, and overall program effectiveness.

The vision is beyond the present. Continuous engagement crafts learners ready for future challenges. A 3-5 year commitment establishes a legacy of STEM excellence, with sustainability at its core.

Elementary Students: Ignite STEM wonder. Lay a foundational understanding and foster exploration.

Middle School Students: Hone creativity. Build problem-solving acumen through game design.

High School Students: Perfect expertise. Dive deep into game design, esports, and essential soft skills vital for the future.

It's a confluence of dedicated funding and premier programs. Now's the time to enrich learning experiences, resonating for years to come. Access to the Choice Partner funds is yours now, use them now before they’re gone!

Our commitment to game-centered learning sets us apart. While others may offer games, we deliver holistic programs with dedicated remote instructors. Our focus on personalized, project-based learning ensures that every student receives an experience tailored to their learning style and pace.

The beauty of our offerings is their flexibility. While they can function as standalone units, they can also be integrated into existing curricula. Our dedicated remote experts are also available for guidance and support in creating a seamless learning experience.

Absolutely. Student safety is our top priority. All our remote instructors undergo thorough background checks and training in online educational best practices. Furthermore, sessions are designed to occur within a controlled, monitored environment.

Our programs are scalable, catering to schools of all sizes. Whether you're a small rural school or a large urban district, our team collaborates with you to design an implementation that best suits your needs.

Yes! Continuous improvement is in our DNA. We're committed to adapting and evolving our software and curriculum in line with the latest educational research and technological advancements. Schools can anticipate periodic updates that enrich the learning experience.