General Questions

  • How is the CTC GO! program structured?
    The CTC GO! program is structured as a modular program to teach STEAM subjects starting with the core module, which explores the basics of programming and electronics. From this point forward the educators can tailor their learning experience based on their curriculums.
  • Which expansion packs are available at the moment?
    At the moment the following expansion packs are available: CTC GO! Motions Expansion Pack
  • Do I need the CTC GO! Core Module to use the expansion packs?
    Yes, in order to go through each expansion pack it is required to have gone first through the core module, as it is needed to learn the basics of CTC and also contains components that need to be combined with the expansion packs ones to be able to build the projects.
  • What languages does the online platform support?
    At this moment CTC GO! Motions expansion pack is available in English, Spanish and French.
  • Does the expansion packs come with their own hardware or is it shared with the core module?
    Each expansion pack has its own toolbox with specific materials. However, they need to be combined with part of the hardware found in the Core module.
  • Can the core module and expansion pack be used at the same time by students from different classes?
    Since each expansion pack shares components (such as electronic components, assembly pieces, Arduino boards and shields…) with the Core Module toolbox, it is not possible to run both at the same time with students from different classes.


Access to Online Platform

  • How do I access the online content for my expansion pack?
    The access to the online content for each expansion pack works the same way as the one for CTC GO! Core Module, meaning that there is a unique code per toolbox that will give access to the specific content of the module. The classroom will have access to the module they have purchased added to all the content of all the modules they have previously purchased.
  • How many educators and students can be added to the platform?
    The CTC GO! program allows 3 educators and 24 students to be added to the platform.
  • When does the one-year access to the platform start counting?
    The one-year access starts once each CTC GO! module is activated by entering the product key found on the toolbox.The yearly period cannot be stopped and resumed later.
  • Do I get an extra year with every module added?
    Yes, each module in the CTC GO! program allows users to access the platform one year but every additional module will extend the access one more year. For instance, if you have registered the CTC GO! Core module and one more CTC GO! expansion module, you will have two years of access to the platform.
  • How can educators get an extra year access to the online platform to the same module?
    Users receive access to the online platform for a year per module. Up to 3 educators and 24 students are granted access through accounts that can be activated one time only. Educators can then add students to the platform at any time within that year.


Classroom Setup

  • What are the minimum requirements to use CTC GO! in the classroom?
    Schools running the CTC GO! program should have student access to computers with Internet (at least one computer per group) and the ability to download the required software, a dedicated room that can function as a workshop (or at least a room with tables), and common accessories such as pens, scissors, sticky tape, etc.
  • How many students can use the program?
    The kit includes boards, shields, components and platform access for a class of up to 24 students to work simultaneously in groups in a project based manner.



  • What is the Intro Webinar and is it mandatory?
    The intro webinar is an introduction of the program with an Arduino expert who will assist you in getting started and guide you through setting up your product. It is not mandatory but we highly recommend participating since it is an excellent opportunity to ask questions about the CTC GO! program before going through the content.
  • How long do I have to wait if I submit a question?
    The Arduino Support Team will provide a first reply to your request within one hour of our business hours (The Arduino Support Team business schedule goes from 9:30 until 17:30 CET).
  • What’s the duration of the online support sessions?
    The webinars lasts around 30 minutes, depending on the questions to be asked.