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zSpace's goal is to deliver immersive and interactive learning experiences for tomorrow’s workforce, today, through the use of top-of-the-line AR (Augmented Reality) technology.

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Through our partnership with zSpace, we are proud to be able to offer zSpace products and software to our customers located in California, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. If you live outside of the above mentioned states, we sadly will not be able to provide you with a zSpace soltuion at this time. However, you can request a quote directly from zSpace on their website following the link below.

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Discover a wide range of educational applications designed by zSpace, catering to users from elementary school to college and university. Regardless of your field of study, zSpace offers a tailored app to enhance your learning experience.

2DView for zSpace Inspire Academic Esports Clubs Advanced Manufacturing Hydraulics
Share in 2D with with someone else when using zSpace Inspire. Channel your students’ passion for gaming into college and career opportunities. Use 3D models and animations to explore fluid power components and hydraulic systems.
Advanced Manufacturing Mechanical Advanced Manufacturing Pneumatics Automotive Expert
Explore the fundamentals of manufacturing including production, logistics, and maintenance. Use 3D models and animations to explore pneumatic powered components and systems. Prepare students for industry certifications in transportation..
Automotive Mechanic BioDigital Human zSpace Biotechnology
Practice the assembly and disassembly of an automobile in a virtual mechanic shop. Explore the intricacies of the human body with this comprehensive 3D anatomy platform. Explore career paths, lab equipment, and safety procedures in the field of biotechnology.
BlocksCAD Canine Anatomy Training Computer Science Essentials
Teach coding and improve math and computer science skills. Experience hands-on, practical training in canine body systems. Build essential skills in computer science and online safety.
Criminal Justice Dental Electrical and Electronic Technology
Explore and process a virtual crime scene. Experience lifelike VR training for dental problems, oral diseases, and dental procedures. Learn the basics of electronics theory.
Electrical Control Instruction Electrical Fundamentals Electric Automotive Mechanic
Discover electrical controls with animations, 3D models, and control circuit building tasks. Take your students on a journey to understand the basics of electrical. Practice the assembly and disassembly of an electric vehicle in a virtual mechanic shop.
Euclid's Shapes Experiences Foundations of Web and Game Development
Solve problems using virtual math manipulatives. Learn through experiential-based simulations of earth, space, life, and physical science topics. Build websites, applications, and games with no prior coding experience.
Franklin's Lab A3 Game-and-Learn Camps Game Development (Unity) Certification Prep
Explore electricity through simulations. Utilize gaming as a powerful tool to engage students and facilitate deep learning. Build a digital portfolio of projects to prepare for Unity certification.
HVAC Fundamentals HVAC Residential Hybrid Automotive Mechanic
Discover the basics of air conditioning and refrigeration. Investigate residential air conditioners and refrigeration systems. Explore the engine and transaxle of a Prius.
Industrial Controls Industrial Robotics Expert Industrial Robotics Mechanic
Learn, design, program, and simulate Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). Explore the complex industry standards of Industrial Robotics in stereoscopic 3D. Practice preventative maintenance and common procedures needed for manufacturing robots.
Let's Cook Mimbus Food Newton's Park A3
Slice, roll, and shred to prepare a pizza. Learn the anatomy of a chicken or duck and practice poultry cutting. Explore force and motion through simulations.
ParaView Pathway Esports PLC Control
Build visualizations to analyze large datasets in 3D. Start your own academic esports team, discover career pathways, and transform gamers into makers. Visualize components, learn basic commands, and practice programming instructions.
ShapeLab SpatialLabs Experience Center for zSpace Inspire StudioA3
Sculpt high quality organic shapes. Bring your creations into the next dimension. Explore models and activities for all learners.
SurfWisely Tilt Brush Tinkercad
Play and learn security awareness in an interactive sports-themed training app. Paint in 3D space with dynamic brushes, allowing students to create scenes, models, and more. Visualize designs in an AR/VR environment with accurate representation.
True 3D Scholar Unity Certification Institute Virtual ECG
Visualize and interact with CT and MRI DICOM images. Build full-featured games and apps working towards Unity certification. Practice ECG electrode placement.
Visible Body+ Visible Body Courseware Visualizer
Discover thousands of 3D models & simulations for human anatomy & biology. Engage with fully interactive, visual content for anatomy & physiology and biology classes. Visualize data to comprehend modern datasets and tell engaging data stories to educate others.
VIVED Anatomy VIVED Carpentry VIVED Chemistry
View the human body and perceive spatial relationships like never before. Build a chalkline. Layout a framed house. Explore physical science and chemistry concepts.
VIVED Science Wave NG Welding YouScience Aptitude-Based Guidance & Student Certifications
Dissect models related to human anatomy, botany, zoology, earth science, microbiology, and more. Experience hands-on training in welding gestures and MAG. Connect education to careers for student success.
zCentral zSpace Physics zView
Launch zSpace activities, apps, experiences, and models anytime, anywhere, anyplace. Immerse yourself in interactive physics experiences about work, sound, satellites, static ... Screen share from a zSpace app in Augmented Reality or Standard view to secondary display.
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