The New-Age Learning with Interactive Experiences

Scholarlab is transforming learning, one experience at a time. Scholarlab's immersive and highly interactive content is developed using future-ready technologies enabling 3D and mixed reality experiences. The experiential learning content is designed to significantly improve visual-processing of complex, thus enabling easier understanding and eventually, enhancing the overall learning process.

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Taking Smart Technology to the Class & Beyond

Scholarlab is an advanced virtual lab, designed to provide a digital platform for conducting a variety of interactive science experiments. Many of these experiments are based on real life scenarios.

Hands-On Learning Experience

Scholarlab is on a mission to digitize experiential learning. They commit to providing a superlative hands-on experience in a virtual environment. Their emphasis is on "Learning by Doing"

Best in Class STEM Tool

Schoolarlab leverages the power of 3D visualizations to simplify complex concepts in science. Their goal is to intensify engagement levels, and make the topics interesting, even though some of them may be very theoretical or abstract.

Application Oriented

Scholarlab encourages students to apply the science concepts to real world scenarios. This is the crucial stepping stone to creating innovators in our society.


Safely conduct experiments that might otherwise be considered hazardous.

  • Safety driven learning
  • No one gets hurt
  • No fear of failure
  • No fear of breaking anything

Reset, Repeat, Rerun

Run the simulationsas many times as you wish. Accessible 24 x 7 x 365. No Special equipment needed. Designed to run on popular operating systems.

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