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Full Year School Garden Science Program


Horizon Energy Box


Horizon H-30 PEM Fuel Cell (30W)


Horizon Hydrofill Pro


eceSTEM Climate & Weather Kit


Snap Circuits Electronics Camp


Lab-Aids: Color and Spectrum Module (no Light Stations)


Horizon H-20 PEM Fuel Cell (20W)


eceSTEM Plants Kit


eceSTEM Sound Kit


eceSTEM Earth Systems Kit


eceSTEM Electricity Kit


Lab-Aids: Reflection and Refraction Module (no Light Stations)


Lab-Aids: Force and Motion Kit


Kemtec Science: Master Forensics


Kemtec Science: Environmental Engineering Oil Spill Management


eceSTEM Passing on Traits Kit


Lab-Aids: Color and Spectrum Extension Materials Package (no Light Stations)


eceSTEM Energy Flow Kit


Kemtec Science: Structures & Bridges Classroom Kit


eceSTEM Plant Ecosystems Kit


Kemtec Science: Boomilever Challenge Kit - Classpack


Cookie Jar Mystery: A Study in Forensic Science Camp Kit - Grades 4-5


Horizon H-12 PEM Fuel Cell (12W)


Lab-Aids: Reflection and Refraction Extension Materials Package (no Light Stations)


Lab-Aids: Density - Understanding Through Experimental Design Kit


Lab-Aids: Investigating Light Module (no Light Stations) Kit


C02 Dragster 50 Student Class Pack with Basswood Blanks


Horizon Renewable Energy Science Kit 2.0


Horizon PEM Reversible Fuel Cell (Set of 5)


Kemtec Science: Boomilever Test Kit


Lab-Aids: Investigating Alternative Energy: Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Kit


Lab-Aids: Four Complete Light Stations


Horizon Electric Mobility Science Kit


Horizon PEM Mini Fuel Cells (Set of 5)


Horizon Wind to Hydrogen Science Kit