Make STEM Learning Practical

Mand Labs aims to change the way students learn & perceive science.
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Let's build to learn...

whether it's tech, physics, or engineering

Mand Labs is an educational kit design and manufacturing company. They are committed to produce the worlds's finest quality DIY learning kits and innovative rich curriculum for project-based learning in STEM. The company is based out of Phoenix, AZ.

The team is composed of engineers, industrial designers and educators who deeply care about education and are mission-driven to enable students worldwide become practical learners, independent doers and creative tinkerers.

Design Approach

Mand Labs works towards making “absolute wow” learning products. The development process is exhaustive, extensive and iterative, thriving on originality and research. The goal is to design and build each project to its minutest detail. There is no room for mediocrity. Three core values of the Mand Lab products are Fun, Wow and Depth.

Mand Lab kits are bundled with requisite hardware (components + tools), and supported with rich and quality content, both in digital and paperback formats, enabling learners to develop a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

The kits can be upgraded to give more functions and features, allowing the advanced learner to build more sophisticated and powerful projects.

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