Shaping Children's Future With Every Build

Magformers is a world-leading manufacturer of magnetic children’s toys. Recognized with multiple awards and educational accolades, our tile sets stimulate critical abilities across age groups with years of safe, quality play time.

Developing Brains In Three Dimensions

The Magformers Mission

"We strive to equip the creators of the future with the multifaceted minds, mindsets and skills they’ll need to build a better world for all of us – one click at a time."

The Magformers Promise

Unbridled Creativity

Strong rotating magnets always click and stay in place, no matter how complex the shape or 3D structure.

Uncompromising Safety

Meticulously built with the sturdiest and safest materials known to science

Unlimited Play

Durable, variegated, and equally appealing to babies and preteens. Magformers give families years of educational play time as they grow up.

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