The Insect Farming Kit For Sustainable Livin

The Hive Explorer from Livin Farms is the beginning of your sustainable lifestyle. It will take you on a journey of up-cycling food waste, producing natural fertiliser and learning how to live sustainably from our oldest allies: insects!

From Country Farm to Sustainability Education and Urbanized Farming Spaces

The First Edible Insect Design

Katharinas research took her all over the world - from Africa to Malaysia to Hawaii it all led to 2015 when Livin Farms was eventually founded.

Livin Farms: Start of the journey

Soon after Livin Farms was founded development of their first project took place. The Hive™ was introduced for growing mealworms in people's homes

Livin Farms Present Day: Education & Large Scale Farming

Livin Farms now operates from Hong Kong as well as Vienna, Austria.
Their mission has stayed the same: Empowering people to co-create lives that are healthy for the people and sustainable for the planet. Livin Farms is passionate about educating students on WHY it is so important to rethink our consumption patterns. They have developed a revolutionary product, The Hive Explorer and created an educational program which includes a 13 lesson curriculum to run along side it.
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