Coding with Drones

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Coding with Drones - STEMfinity
Coding with Drones - STEMfinity

Coding with Drones

PCS Edventures SKU: PCS-RUB-1663
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Coding with Drones

  • Grades: 4-12
  • Students: Unlimited
  • Contact Hours: 100+
  • Standards: Please click here
  • Additional Documents: Flyer, Specs Sheet 

More Coding? Count Us In!

Coding with Drones combines Tello drones and a library of application-based, scaffolded online curriculum resources for educators. With 100+ programming missions and 10 fully-reusable indoor drones, Coding with Drones perfectly melds computer science with one of the fastest-growing technologies, preparing learners for the drone-filled future. Students block code missions in DroneBlocks, test their code from anywhere in the DroneBlocks Tello Simulator and progress to line-coding in the exclusive DroneBlocks Code application. From applying algebra and geometry in flight missions to exploring Python and JavaScript programming, put the power of flight into the hands of learners with multiple coding languages and top-of-the-line mini drones.

Subject Targets:

Technology, Robotics & Coding, Math Connections 


Technical Requirements:

Block Coding DroneBlocks Courses:

  • 10 compatible devices (one per drone) running the DroneBlocks app and 1 compatible device running the Tello app.
  • The DroneBlocks app requires the use of a Wifi-enabled smartphone, tablet, Chromebook, desktop or laptop running Android, iOS or ChromeOS. (Note: DroneBlocks is not compatible with FireOS, the operating system for Amazon tablets.)
  • The Tello app required for firmware updates requires the use of a Wifi-enabled smartphone running Android or iOS. (Note: the Tello app is not compatible with most tablets).

Line Coding Courses such as Programming with Python:

  • 10 devices (one per drone) running Windows, OSX or Linux and 1 compatible device running the Tello app.


Curriculum Topics:

  • DroneBlocks Introductory Course
  • Introduction to Tello Drone Programming
  • Advanced Tello Drone Programming with DroneBlocks
  • OpenCV, Python, and DroneBlocks for Tello Camera Control
  • Tello Drone Programming with Python
  • Node-RED Programming with Tello and Tello EDU
  • Introduction to JavaScript Programming with DroneBlocks Code
  • Tello & Art Present: Dance
  • Tello Challenge from Italy with Mr. Torelli
  • Troubleshooting Tello

The DroneBlocks environment is always changing. Subscriptions unlock access to the new courses and content released frequently, ensuring highly-relevant drone-based learning year-round.


Complete Program Includes:

Coding with Drones includes a 1-year site license to DroneBlocks that provides up to 10 educators with access to a library of digital curriculum resources. Access to a virtual drone simulator and the DroneBlocks Code app is also included for an unlimited number of students, along with the following supplies:

  • PCS Edventures Tello Flight Manual: 1
  • Storage tub: 1
  • LiPo safe storage bags: 2
  • Tello carrying cases: 10
  • Tello drones: 10
  • LiPo batteries: 30
  • USB charging cables: 10
  • Extra prop guards (4ct): 10
  • 4-Port battery multi-chargers: 5

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