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Educational Insight' creative toys are designed to let little imaginations run wild. Encourage their imaginations to see what they create!

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    MicroPro 48-piece Microscope Set - STEMfinity
    MicroPro 48-piece Microscope Set
    Educational Insights
    Foam Magnetic Fraction Strips - STEMfinity
    Foam Magnetic Fraction Strips
    Educational Insights
    Foam Magnetic Base 10 Set - STEMfinity
    Foam Magnetic Base 10 Set
    Educational Insights
    Fraction Pie Puzzles - STEMfinity
    Fraction Pie Puzzles
    Educational Insights
    AlphaMagnets® Lowercase Letter Magnets - STEMfinity
    AlphaMagnets® Lowercase Letter Magnets
    Educational Insights
    Classroom Laminator Pouches - STEMfinity
    Classroom Laminator Pouches
    Educational Insights
    Personal Classroom Laminator - STEMfinity
    Classroom Laminator
    Educational Insights
    AlphaMagnets® Uppercase - STEMfinity
    AlphaMagnets® Uppercase
    Educational Insights
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