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Breakout EDU gamifies learning to create an engaging and empowering experience for students of all grade levels.

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What is Breakout EDU?

Watch Learning Come to Life!

When an educator facilitates a Breakout EDU game, they can see student growth in real time! Plus, check in on student performance with reports that highlight progress or where they may need additional support.

Include Every Learner

Students of all academic abilities can be successful in a breakout EDU game. Each student brings a new perspective or skill set to help the greater good of the team. Whether it is quick mental math, an affinity for puzzles, or leadership skills, players can add value with their strengths and build confidence with their contributions.

Supercharge Engagement

Increased engagement means deeper learning. Watch engagement soar as students use critical thinking skills as a team in these thrilling games complete with rich storytelling of epic adventures. Students look forward to actively asking questions, deciphering clues, and participating in group discussions in order to complete each challenge together.

Discover An Activity for Every Lesson Plan

Breakout EDU offers five different activities to suit all of your classroom goals. Whether you are looking for a quick digital activity to activate critical thinking skills or an immersive, hands-on experience to introduce a new subject, they have you covered with a growing library of games!

Lock of the Day

Designed to be completed in 5 minutes or less, Lock of the Day is a daily, singular, digital puzzle that can be used to start class as a bellringer, offer a mid-lesson brain break, end class as an exit ticket, or even serve as an activity for students who finish sooner than others.

Digital Games

Breakout EDU digital games challenge students to work together or individually to solve puzzles, decipher clues, and unlock a series of virtual locks before time runs out. Select a digital game from their growing games library that aligns with the subject, topic, and grade level suited for your classroom.


Dive into these one-of-a-kind digital escape room experiences! Breakout+ games are unique, educational point-and-click adventures that immerse your students into vibrant and engaging adventures with rich storytelling, dynamic sound effects, and challenges around every corner.

Kit-Based Games

Transform your classroom into a real-life escape room with a Breakout EDU Kit. Each kit-based game includes instructions on how to pair a series of content-aligned puzzles with the physical locks and components included in a Breakout EDU Kit.

Game Design Studio

This incredible tool equipped with Adobe Express, enables students to become the architects of their learning by designing their own breakout games. Students must apply their knowledge and understanding of the subject matter to construct stories, puzzles, and clues that they can share with the rest of the class to solve.

Breakout EDU - Breakout EDU - STEMfinity
Breakout EDU - Breakout EDU - STEMfinity
Breakout EDU - Breakout EDU - STEMfinity
Breakout EDU - Breakout EDU - STEMfinity
Breakout EDU - Breakout EDU - STEMfinity
Breakout EDU - Breakout EDU - STEMfinity
Breakout EDU - Breakout EDU - STEMfinity
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