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ScholAR 1 Year Individual License - Grade: 6-8 - STEMfinity
ScholAR 1 Year License - Grade: 6-8 - STEMfinity
ScholAR 1 Year License - Grade: 6-8 - STEMfinity
ScholAR 1 Year License - Grade: 6-8 - STEMfinity
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ScholAR 1 Year License - Grade: 6-8


ScholAR 1 Year License - Grade: 6-8



The ScholAR 1 Year License - Grade: 6-8, comes as either an Individual, Class, Club, or School subscription.

  • Individual: Good for 1 student
  • Class: Good for up to 30 students
  • Club: Good for up to 500 students
  • School: Good for up to 1000 students

Note: Please see subscription options toward the top of the page.


Are you looking to renew your license, or are you looking to get a license for 2, 3, or more years? Please contact for discounted pricing.


ScholAR: Experience. Observe. Learn.

The Virtual Lab of Tomorrow.




About ScholAR:

ScholAR is an app that brings Scientific Simulations to the learning experience, one experiment at a time. Our immersive and highly interactive content is developed using future-ready technologies enabling 3D and mixed reality experiences.

The experiential learning content is designed to significantly improve the visual-processing of complex concepts, thus enabling easier understanding and eventually, enhancing the overall leaning process. 




Get the ScholAR Advantage

ScholAR is a one-of-a-kind virtual interactive platform that will immerse you in all the relevant educational knowledge that you can ask for, and you can access it any time, and anywhere, to start your learning journey whether it's in the classroom or at home.


ScholAR Covers:
  • 3D Interactive Simulations
  • Lab Experiments
  • Real Life Outdoor Scenarios
  • STEM subjects (Physics, Chemistry, & Biology)
  • Supplementary Learning
  • Relevant for Middle & High School Students and Teachers


Safely Conduct Experiments That Could Otherwise Be Hazardous:
  • Crash automobiles to understand the concept of momentum.
  • Jump off an airplane to understand terminal velocity
  • Play with acids without any fear of spilling it on your hands or legs
  • Examine contaminated objects for various disease-causing germs
  • And many more...


Additional Features:
  • ScholAR leverages the power of 3D visualizations to simplify complex concepts in Science
  • ScholAR promotes learning by doing
  • No special equipment needed
  • Designed to run on popular operating systems link Windows, MacOS, ChromeBook, Android and iOS platforms


Supercharge your experiential learning with ScholAR!!


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