Meta Quest 2 Elite Strap
Meta Quest 2 Elite Strap
Meta Quest 2 Elite Strap

Meta Quest 2 Elite Strap

Meta SKU: META-5950983

Meta Quest 2 Elite Strap

Meta SKU: META-5950983
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Meta Quest 2 Elite Strap

  • Grades: 8+
  • Number of Students:
  • Number of Lessons: N.A.
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PLEASE NOTE: Due to STEMfinity's agreement with Meta, we are not permitted to sell Meta products or accessories outside of other businesses and K-12+ learning environments. This includes any businesses, K-12 schools, after school programs, summer camp programs, libraries, universities, and any other educational business or program. If you are purchasing as a gift, or for yourself, we regretfully will not be able to sell to you. 



Add a new level of comfort to your game. This ergonomic strap increases balance and support with a twist of the fit wheel, so you can keep your head in the game no matter what comes your way.


Added Security and Comfort:

A premium rigid hard strap replaces the standard Quest 2 strap, adding enhanced stability and ergonomics.


Play all Day

The flexible brace supports your head and helps distribute weight for longer, more comfortable playtime.

Technology Requirements/Specifications:



Product Specifications

  • Product Dimensions: 215(L) x 175(W) x 104(H) mm
  • Form Factor: Premium Head Strap
  • Weight: 179g
  • Package Dimensions: 294(L) x 201(W) x 124(H) mm

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