Unleash Your Creativity with Brown Dog Gadgets' Innovative Educational Kits

  • Grades: 3-12
  • Number of Students: 1-25+
  • Learning Environments: Afterschool, At Home, Classroom, Makerspace, Summer Camp
  • Subject Areas: Alternative Energy, Art, Circuitry, Engineering, Robotics
  • Lesson Plans: Yes
  • Educational Standards: Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards
  • Digital Resources: Project Database

Brown Dog Gadgets is a company founded in 2012 that has become a leading provider of educational products and do-it-yourself kits. Brown Dog Gadgets offers a wide array of products specifically designed to foster creativity and exploration in the field of STEM education. Whether you're a young learner or an experienced enthusiast, their unique features and benefits make them an excellent choice for anyone interested in hands-on alternative energy, robotics, engineering, and circuitry.

Brown Dog Gadgets offers a comprehensive selection of educational products and do-it-yourself kits, ensuring there's something for everyone. Every Brown Dog Gadgets kit comes with free curriculum and projects available directy from Brown Dog Gadgets' website. Everything from the Bristlebot to the Solar Science Station has building instructions, extra projects, curriculum, and more available for free online.

Whether you are a seasoned maker or just starting, Brown Dog Gadgets simplifies the process of exploring STEM education. Their user-friendly designs allow even beginners to quickly grasp complex concepts, making learning a fun and accessible experience. With Brown Dog Gadgets' products, you can unleash your creativity and let your imagination soar. They provide the tools and resources necessary to create and innovate, encouraging young learners to think outside the box and explore endless possibilities.

Brown Dog Gadgets offers a very affordable educational product lineup that is aimed at students 3rd grade to high school. All of Brown Dog Gadgets’ products can be used in any learning environment including classrooms, afterschool programs, makerspace, summer camps, and at home. Several Brown Dog Gadgets kits can be purchased for under $50, and they also offer cost effective classroom sets for as little as $100 making this an attractive option for sites with little funds. Brown Dog Gadgets’ classroom sets can support up to 25 students at a time and offer hours of lesson plans and contact hours. Their lessons are aligned to Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, and are easy to integrate into any existing curriculum. Brown Dog Gadgets’ curriculum also includes videos for classroom use, activity pages, and assessments.

While Brown Dog Gadgets has several different product lines; the most prominent is their Crazy Circuits kits that allow students to create complex circuits using everything from LEGO to wearable materials. Brown Dog Gadgets has created special components and their patented Maker Tape that enables students to apply these tools to almost any creation. Unlike other conductive tape, Maker Tape is specially designed for easier project creation: just overlap two pieces of Maker Tape to create a solid electrical connection - no mess, hassle, or special tools needed! Crazy Circuits can be used to create everything from wearable fashion items and interactive art projects, to robotics kits with advanced programming. Brown Dog Gadgets offers several standalone kits to find the perfect solution to engage with your students.

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