Student Detectives Needed: Explore Community Learning’s Forensic Science Kits

  • Grades: K-5
  • Number of Students: 30+
  • Learning Environments: Afterschool, Classroom, Summer Camp
  • Subject Areas: Art, Mathematics, Science, Technology
  • Lesson Plans: Yes
  • Educational Standards: Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards
  • Digital Resources: Rogue Rodent Sample Lesson Plan

Calling all student detectives! Are you ready to unravel the mysteries of forensic science and engage young minds with hands-on learning experiences? Look no further than Community Learning's groundbreaking forensic science kits. These unique tools empower K-5 students in classrooms and afterschool environments to become budding detectives while fostering critical thinking, problem-solving, and scientific skills. Join us in uncovering the exciting features and benefits of these kits, proven to prepare students for classroom success and beyond.

Community Learning understands the power of experiential learning and offers a wide range of immersive forensic science kits designed for elementary level students. These kits allow young learners to embark on exciting investigative journeys, discovering the captivating world of forensic science in a friendly environment. Each kit is packed with hands-on activities, providing students with an interactive experience where they can put their detective hats on and solve thrilling mysteries.

Community Learning forensic science kits offer a refreshing break from traditional classroom methods, inspiring students to actively participate and enjoy the learning process. By donning the role of a detective, students become fully invested in solving mysteries, making learning a highly engaging and enjoyable experience. Through carefully crafted activities, Community Learning's kits challenge students to think critically, analyze evidence, and draw logical conclusions. After a series of engaging lessons, students will be tasked with determining who is guilty among several suspects and solving a mystery using scientific observation, sample examination, lab work, interviews, testing, analysis, and field work. Students will also receive certificates in celebration of their work as forensic investigators. These crucial skills extend beyond forensic science, empowering students to approach any problem with a systematic and analytical mindset.

Community Learning’s product lineup is intended for K-5 students in a classroom, afterschool, or summer camp setting. Their kits are intended to support an entire classroom or camp, and start at $380 to support up to 30 students at a time - this is an awesome value when you consider how many students can be reached through just a single kit. Each kit also contains an instructor’s guide, access to digital educator resources, student workbooks, and all the supplies needed to teach the course. These supplies are all packed, labeled, and organized in a manner that makes the course easy to teach again and again. Community Learning’s product lineup also offers very reasonably priced refill kits that enable you to quickly restock the consumable materials of your kit without having to repurchase and entirely new kit. All Community Leaning kits are designed for both classroom and afterschool environments, and provide educators in both areas with the step-by-step instructions and resources needed to successfully implement each lesson including instructor notes and student notes that set the stage for each section.

Community Learning has three main kits designed to progress across early elementary grade levels:

Ready to introduce your students to the captivating world of forensic science? Community Learning is committed to empowering educators, parents, and students in their quest for knowledge. To explore Community Learning’s comprehensive range of forensic science kits and unleash the detective in your K-5 students, visit our website and learn more here: