STEM and physical education gets your students up, active, and engaged

Get your students on their feet and head outside - it’s time to use physical activity to teach STEM concepts! Physical education is a key part of every child’s well-rounded curriculum, and a great way to help students make a real-world connection to STEM concepts is through the sports, competitions, and games that they play. On the most basic level, every sport with a ball can be used to demonstrate science and mathematics concepts such as calculating the distance a quarterback needs to pass the ball to a moving receiver, or testing the desired arc on a three point shot in basketball. If traditional sports don’t interest your students, there are great alternatives that include students building and racing their own BMX bicycle while learning about STEAM concepts, as well as the world’s first physical eSport which crosses the line between sports, gaming, and fitness and gets students hands-on with the latest AR technology. The best part is that you can find all of these great hands-on resources at STEMfinity - your one stop STEM shop!

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About: STEM Sports provides turnkey packages and curricula that uses sports as a real-world application to teach K-8 students about STEM concepts while developing their critical thinking, collaboration, and leadership skills. Each package offered by STEM Sports is aligned to national educational standards (NGSS, CCSS) and provides a minimum of 16 hours of instruction that includes physical activity centered around a specific sport. STEM Sports offers packages for individual sports, multi-sport packages, and curriculum-only packages for programs that already have their own sports equipment. The packages offered by STEM Sports are a great way to get your students active and have them learn new concepts through the sports that they already love.

Grades 4-8 | BMX STEAM Program

About: The BMX STEAM Program combines exercise and education to teach students about relevant STEAM concepts by having them construct their own BMX bicycle! Students will build confidence in STEAM concepts through hands-on experience, teamwork, and physical activity. This program offers flexible, standards-aligned lesson plans that can be used in almost any educational setting. The BMX STEAM Program includes five Mongoose BMX bikes, five safety helmets, required tools for assembly, and much more.


Grades 1-3 | Sports Science Camp

About: The Sports Science Camp from PCS Edventures provides early elementary students with an exciting approach to learning STEM concepts through their favorite outdoor activities. The Sports Science Camp supports up to 30 students and includes all of the curriculum and materials needed to successfully implement into your summer camp, afterschool program, or classroom environment. Each standards-aligned (NGSS) lesson includes a schedule, topic background information, step-by-step activity instructions, and materials list to help educators and staff with no experience successfully implement the camp.

Grades 6-8 | Flying Disc Camp

About: The Flying Disc Camp from PCS Edventures will have middle school students learning physics concepts by getting hands-on with frisbees and investigating the different forces that affect its flight path. This 12 lesson program will take students through the history of the flying disc, introduce them to throwing techniques that take advantage of physics, and get them hands-on with fun games like frisbee golf, tic tac toe, and STEM ultimate frisbee! The Flying Disc Camp serves up to 30 students and includes all the required materials and lesson plans needed to successfully implement everything into your summer camp, afterschool program, or classroom. The lessons included with the Flying Disc Camp are aligned to national standards (NGSS) and provide step-by-step instructions on how to structure scheduled activities and the background knowledge needed to introduce each section to your students.


Grades 3-12 | HADO AR Physical Esports Program

About: HADO combines traditional sports with AR (augmented reality) and is the world’s first physical eSport. HADO is a non-contact sport that can be played indoors by up to 6 players at a time (3 players per team) and is designed to cross the boundary between sports and gaming to encourage fitness in an exciting new way. STEMfinity offers a HADO Academy Bundle that has everything needed to successfully play the game including instructional guides, setup and tech support, operating license, hardware, and all related arena equipment. HADO is perfect for students in grades 3-12 in learning environments like physical education classes, afterschool enrichment programs, summer camps, and eSports clubs.