Simple DIY STEAM Projects You Can Make With a Cricut

Are you an educator looking to inject some serious fun and creativity into your STEAM curriculum? Look no further than your Cricut! This magical machine isn't just for crafting pretty paper cutouts; it's a powerhouse for sparking imagination and igniting hands-on learning across all subjects.



Custom matching puzzles are a great way to teach more complex anatomy, ecosystems or life cycles. For example, educators can cut different stages of a plan lifecycle and cut out the names of each component for students to match. Different types of materials could be used to depict more accurately the look and feel of these complex systems.



Cricut Smart Cutting Machines can cut precisely cut a variety of materials to build working technology. For example, a working gumball machine or bird house.



Design a 3D structure by visualizing 2D pieces and concepts such as building 3D masks or a wooden dinosaur.


Mathematics & Language

Every student learns differently which is why it is important to create engaging activities that helps them build their core subjects. Some examples include:

 Jenga Math – Vinyl mathematical equations and answers on Jenga blocks and students have to pick the right answer to get a block and stack the Jenga tower.

Geometry – Cut out a whole picture and pieces that make up the whole design to create a puzzle to teach geometry.

Learn Shapes -

Matching Numbers - Cut out numbers to teach counting.

Sign Language Stickers - Create phrases and spelling with sign language stickers for students to learn different languages.



Cricut can help make materials and supplies for custom art lessons. Below are some examples,

Foam Stamps -

Fingerprint Art – Cricut can draw custom trees while students place their fingerprints to make their own custom painted tree.

Shadow Boxes – More advanced artwork


**All projects can be changed to fit any subject and lessons.