LEGO® Education: Hands-on robotics kits that grow with your students

Quick Facts About LEGO® Education’s SPIKE™ Robotics Kits

Are you looking for innovative and fun ways to engage your students in learning? Then look no further than LEGO® Education products! With their unique and hands-on learning experiences, LEGO® Education products are changing the game for educators, and ultimately, student achievement. For over four decades LEGO® Education has worked with educators to deliver meaningful learning experiences that bring STEM subjects to life in the classroom and at home. Through STEMfinity’s partnership with LEGO® Education, we are able to offer all LEGO® Education products to customers for use in at-home, afterschool, and summer camp environments.

At its core, LEGO® Education is all about providing innovative and effective tools for teaching, whether it’s through robotics, coding, or building mechanics. These tools allow educators to tap into students' natural curiosity and creativity, inspiring them to explore concepts and ideas in exciting new ways. By doing so, LEGO® Education products improve learning outcomes, making them ideal for afterschool or at-home educators who want to make a significant impact on their students' long-term success.

But what really sets LEGO® Education apart from other educational tools is the time it saves educators. Educators can easily customize their afterschool programming to integrate LEGO® Education's resources, making it easy to cater to each student's individual learning needs. This means less time spent on creating activities, and more time focused on student interaction and engagement. With lesson plans, curriculum, education sets, training, and support, LEGO® Education helps educators meet their objectives and provides them with the tools they need to engage with students in an afterschool or at-home setting.

While LEGO® Education offers many educational sets, today we are going to highlight two robotics kits in their SPIKE™ product line which are aimed at students in grades K-8. The SPIKE™ kit series progresses from grades K-8 and allow afterschool providers and at-home educators to invest in enrichment materials that grow with their students. The LEGO® Education SPIKE™ product line includes an “Essential Set” aimed at students in grades K-5, which then progresses to the “Prime Set” which is aimed at students in grades 6-8.

The SPIKE™ product line provides young learners with a guided journey of learning the basics of engineering with building blocks and learning programming within a basic drag-and-drop visual environment, to building and programming advanced robotics using Scratch. LEGO® Education’s curriculum-aligned STEAM content focuses on language arts, math, engineering, and computer science. These comprehensive online lesson plans offer interactive support material for afterschool and at-home educators that provide them with everything needed to deliver lessons and activities with confidence regardless of their previous experience. Each SPIKE™ robotics kit is jam-packed with over 40 hours of planned activities, and with hundreds of building pieces included in each kit your students can spend countless hours building their own creations!

The LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential Set is designed to give K-5 students a hands-on way to investigate STEAM topics through engaging narrative-based problem-solving activities. Using memorable storytelling and familiar LEGO® building blocks, students will explore the engineering design proces and progress their way towards building their own basic programmable robot. The LEGO® Education SPIKE™ App enables an age-appropriate experience for young students to use a simple visual-based coding system and advanced students to used word-based coding based on Scratch. The LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential Set includes 449 building pieces, 4 relatable minifigures, the SPIKE™ App, comprehensive educator resources, and color-coded sorting trays for easy room management.

The LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime Set is designed for students in grades 6-8 to build upon the key concepts that they learned in grades K-5 using the LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential Set. Using LEGO® Education’s standards-aligned STEAM lessons, students will learn about subjects like computer science, data representation and manipulation, relationships between energy and motion, advanced coding, and much more. The LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime Set includes 528 LEGO® building pieces, the SPIKE™ App, 50 hours of instructional content, comprehensive educator resources, and sorting trays to keep all of your resources organized and accessible.

If you are looking to introduce your kids to the world of robotics competitions, LEGO® Education offers an exciting expansion set for the SPIKE™ Prime that includes over 10 hours of curriculum and over 600 building pieces. The SPIKE™ Prime Expansion Set also includes comprehensive online lesson plans and educator support to those new to robotics competitions. If robotics competitions aren’t really your thing, the SPIKE™ Prime Expansion Set is still a great way to bolster your existing Prime Set with more capabilities that will enable your students to explore and design more advanced creations. The SPIKE™ Prime Expansion Set will not work as a stand-alone kit and requires the SPIKE™ Prime Set to function.

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