Hands-On EDU Artificial Intelligence Resources

Artificial intelligence was once thought to be a far-fetched technology that would likely only happen in the realm of science fiction, but it has quickly become a reality in our lives and is being used as an everyday tool by writers, advertisers, scientists, and many more. AI can certainly be used for harmful purposes, but there are also a wide range of applications for the technology to be a positive way that benefits society. While still in its infancy, artificial intelligence is already here and the current generation of students will be the ones responsible for guiding its immediate future and ensuring that it is used responsibly. It is critical that we get the latest tools into the hands of students so that they can have the knowledge and ability to build a better future for themselves and the next generation.

Introducing artificial intelligence tools into any learning environment can seem daunting, but luckily your friends at STEMfinity have tracked down the best hands-on educational resources on the planet and put them in a single place! STEMfinity offers a variety of hands-on brands and resources that introduce educational concepts in artificial intelligence to K-12 students in a fun and engaging manner - here are a few that we recommend checking out.

Grades 2-6 | BOSON Artificial Intelligence Starter Kit

DFRobot offers a great introduction to teaching AI with their BOSON Artificial Intelligence Starter Kit. The BOSON Artificial Intelligence Starter Kit is aimed at early to late elementary students with the goal of teaching them AI concepts and how to apply those lessons to the real world. Students with little to no experience will learn programming using a visual drag-and-snap coding platform called Mind+, while advanced students are able to use advanced languages like Python, C, and C++ to learn about artificial intelligence topics like natural language processing, expert system, visual recognition, machine learning, and the concept of neural networks. The BOSON Artificial Intelligence Starter Kit comes with six lesson plans that provide educators with learning objectives, materials preparation, and background knowledge on each topic to make classroom implementation a breeze.


Grades 9+ | Gravity: HUSKYLENS AI Vision Sensor

If you are looking for an artificial intelligence resource for advanced high school students, then look no further than the DFRobot HuskyLens. The DFRobot HuskyLens is an easy-to-use camera that is equipped with multiple artificial intelligence functions including facial recognition, object recognition, object tracking, and color recognition that enable students to dramatically enhance any technology project that they are working on. The DFRobot HuskyLens really shines when paired with a robotics kit and has almost unlimited interactive applications. With the DFRobot HuskyLens, it is possible to create a robot that recognizes its designer, understands hand gestures, and learns whatever else you teach it! So hypothetically, if you wanted your robot to stand guard at your door and only allow its creator (or someone using the super secret hand gesture) to enter, it would be completely possible using the DFRobot HuskyLens. The DFRobot HuskyLens includes five lesson plans for educators including educational project ideas centered around artificial intelligence.




Grades 5+ | Zumi AI Car Kit

Zumi is a self-driving car that learns as you learn, and is created to provide students with an approachable way to understand artificial intelligence concepts and how they work in practice. Students will be able to assemble and code Zumi to move around their environment using either a visual drag-and-drop platform called Blockly, or an advanced real-world programming language called Python. Zumi includes over 20 lessons that were created to build knowledge of artificial intelligence concepts like computer vision and machine learning, with the ultimate goal of having students apply those concepts to teach their Zumi car how to react to the world around them. For example, students can create a miniature town for their Zumi and teach it to always obey STOP signs, to drive forward on green lights, and can even code a personality for Zumi for her to react when she sees you! Zumi is designed for late elementary students, but can be used by advanced students as well.





Grades 5+ | KAI: The Artificial Intelligence Robot

KAI The Artificial Intelligence Robot is a six-legged robot that students can assemble (over 100 pieces), and then use machine-learning to teach KAI how to walk and react to the world around it using a smart device. This kit is designed for late elementary students and includes a full-color, 64-page manual of step-by-step instructions for assembling and programming KAI, along with a fun comic book style story that brings KAI to life. KAI The Artificial Intelligence Robot also features a LED display so that KAI can be programmed to show different facial expressions and scrolling messages which can change depending on the sounds or gestures you make toward the robot! KAI also includes a remote control to manually control the robot if you are not interested in programming KAI’s movements.





Grades 2-5 | AI Novus

The AI Novus online course offered by Meritus AI is the first of three hands-on classes that teach students about the field of artificial intelligence. The AI Novus course is designed for students in grades 2-5 who are completely new to the world of artificial intelligence, and provides them with hands-on coding activities while they learn about real-world examples to help them understand the impact of AI in modern industries. This course includes over 30 lessons, five quizzes, a capstone project, and a certification upon completion.

Grades 6-8 | AI Primus

After completing the AI Novus course, students will move on to the AI Primus course to improve upon their understanding of artificial intelligence concepts. The AI Primus online course is aimed at students in grades 6-8 who have a basic understanding of AI, but want to start building their own apps and using real-world programming languages and tools like Scratch and MIT App Inventor. This course includes 40 lessons, five quizzes to reinforce learning, a capstone project to showcase all skills learned, and a certificate upon completion.

Grades 9+ | AI Meritus

AI Meritus is the final course offered by Meritus AI and is designed for high school students with at least an intermediate understanding of artificial intelligence concepts. This hands-on course will have students designing apps that address critical real-world scenarios, as well as creating apps that are just plain fun! Through project-based learning, students will blend experiential learning and theory to develop critical skills for the future including computational skills, problem solving, and critical thinking. The AI Meritus course includes 50 lessons, six quizzes, a capstone project, and a certification upon completion of the class.