Ask Dr. Universe

Why Dr. Universe?
Dr. Universe knows that children everywhere deserve a chance to explore the possibilities in science, technology, engineering, and math. She inspires the next generation of scientists and engineers to think critically, solve problems, and ask big questions. She encourages children to explore and discover the ways science and engineering can help improve our world.

How does it work?
Parents, caregivers, and educators can help children submit questions to Dr. Universe. She gets a lot of questions and does her best to answer as many as possible. She posts one big question each week on the website and sends it out in the e-newsletter. Students can read answers to questions from other kids, listen to the podcast, and watch videos on the website. The website is easy to project on an interactive whiteboard for a collaborative classroom experience. It’s also a tool for individual student research projects and accessible via computer or tablet. Each post on this website is fact-checked and vetted by a professor, researcher, or graduate student at Washington State University who lends their expertise. The content works well with Next Generation Science Standards or as a jumping off point for science lessons.