Arduino Junior Certification

Arduino Junior Certification

Arduino Education SKU: ARE-AVX00067

Arduino Junior Certification

Arduino Education SKU: ARE-AVX00067
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Arduino Junior Certification

  • Grades: 9+
  • Number of Students: 1
  • Number of Activities: 25 Questions
  • Contact Hours: 1 hour
  • Additional Resources: FAQs



Assess & spot areas for improvement in students’ knowledge of programming & electronics.

The Junior Certification is an online, multiple-choice exam that makes it easy for educators to assess your students' individual aptitude, skills, and what they've learned about programming, electronics, robotics, and Arduino concepts.

Junior Certification gives you a clear insight into each student's own level, and enables you to spot knowledge gaps and areas for improvement. It also helps students with self evaluation, giving them an understanding of the areas they need to work on or have a particular aptitude for.

The exam is based on topics covered by the Arduino Student Kit and the Education Starter Kit (you only need to use one of these kits, not both). Topics covered include electricity, circuits and schematics, Arduino IDE and boards, electronic components, and programming.

The more students have used the kit, the better their chances of gaining Junior Certification. However, purchasing the Arduino Student Kit is not mandatory to successfully passing the exam.


Benefits of Arduino Junior Certification

  • An opportunity to assess your students’ work in subjects that are typically difficult to evaluate
  • Identify areas for improvement, whether that’s at an individual or class level
  • An affordable way to certify skills
  • Boost students’ confidence in STEM subjects with self-evaluation
  • Take the exam online anywhere, at any time
  • A springboard to more challenging learning with Arduino


How does the Junior Certification exam work?

  • The online exam consists of 25 questions with a 60-minute time limit
  • Available in English
  • Students receive their results immediately after submission, indicating whether they passed or failed
  • Passing the exam will grant students the downloadable Arduino Junior Certification certificate


Curriculum or Lesson Topics:

Exam Subject Areas

You will answer questions that test your knowledge of these categories:

  1. Electricity - Understanding concepts such as resistance, voltage, power and capacitance, and how to measure and calculate them
  2. Reading Circuits and Schematics - Understanding how electronics are represented visually, and reading and analyzing electronic circuits
  3. Arduino IDE - Understanding the functionality of the Arduino development environment, serial communication, libraries, and errors
  4. Arduino Boards - Understanding the constitution and capabilities of an Arduino board and the functions of its different parts
  5. Frequency - Understanding the concepts of Pulse Width modulation (PWM)
  6. Electronic Components - Understanding how various electronic components such as LEDs, sensors, buttons, and motors work, and how to use them in a circuit
  7. Programming Syntax and Semantics - Understanding the building blocks of the Arduino programming language such as functions, arguments, variables, and loops
  8. Programming Logic - Ability to program various electronic components and read, analyze, and troubleshoot Arduino code


What's Included:

1 access code for the Arduino Junior Certification. Access code will be sent via email within 1-2 business days from the time that you place your order.


Additional Information and Resources:



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