Osmo Monster
Osmo Monster
Osmo Monster
Osmo Monster
Osmo Monster

Osmo Monster

Osmo SKU: BYJU-902-00016

Osmo Monster

Osmo SKU: BYJU-902-00016
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Osmo Monster

  • Grades: PreK-4
  • Number of Students: Recommended 1 per device
  • Number of Lessons: 1 Educational Game
  • Contact Hours: NA



Blend your real-life doodles with on-screen action in three amazing ways. The Creative Set, is all you need to take Monster, Newton, and Masterpiece to a whole new level.


Curriculum or Lesson Topics:

Bring your drawings to life

We’re all creative. With Osmo Monster, your drawings become part of magical animated activities.


Meet Mo!

Mo loves magic, dancing, and creating together. He needs your help and creativity for his next idea.


It’s fun to learn with your hands!

Children learn through play. Combining tangible pieces with fun characters sparks their imagination and drive to learn.


Multiple Activities, Endless Creativity

Each activity with Mo has many different versions to play again and again.

  • Activity 1: The Magic Show
  • Activity 2: Adventure
  • Activity 3: Mo's House


Share the magic

Each activity you complete with Mo can be saved as a video to replay for family and friends! Watch your favourite creations again and again.


What's Included:

This kit includes everything needed to add the Osmo Monster game to your current Osmo kit. Versions that come with the Osmo base are also available for new Osmo customers. Please select your desired product version towards the top of this page.


Technical Requirements:

Apple iPads
Not compatible: new iPad models released Fall of 2022 (compatibility coming later in 2023: iPad 10th Gen, iPad Pro 11” (4th Gen), and iPad Pro 12.9” (6th Gen))
Compatible: all other iPads except iPad Generation 1 — 4, iPad Mini 1 — 3 and iPad Air 1.
Minimum iOS version: 15

The Osmo Reflector for iPad (2021) is required for the iPad Mini 6, Air 4, Air 5, iPad Pro 11" (Gen 1 — 3), and iPad Pro 12.9" (Gen 3 — 5), included with the kit.

Apple iPhones
Not compatible: iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone SE (1-3), iPhone 11 Series and older
Compatible: iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus
Minimum iOS version: 15

The Osmo Reflector for iPad (2021) is required for all iPhone models.
Available on iPhone for Monster, Coding Games, Genius Words, Numbers, Tangram, Pizza Co and Detective only. Stay tuned for more iPhone game updates.

Fire Tablets
Not compatible: Fire 7 (2022);
Compatible: Fire HD 8 (8th, 10th & 12 Gen), Fire HD 10 (9th & 11th Gen)
Minimum FireOS version: 7.0

The Osmo Reflector for Fire (2021) is required for the HD 8 (10th Gen), HD 10 (11th Gen) & HD 8 (12th Gen), included with the kit.


Special Notes or Considerations:

PLEASE NOTE: There are three versions of this kit. One that's just the game and game materials by itself, one that also comes with a base compatible with iPads/iPhones, and one that also comes with a base compatible with Amazon Fire Tablets. Please choose the version that matches your device/needs towards the top of the page.

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